QResearch: Dissecting The Kavanaugh Confirmation Circus

In this video, we are going to take a hard look at many of the facts and lies surrounding several of the accusers making claims about Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Get ready for a wild ride!


Trump Tweet Hysteria Consumes MSM! They Ignore Kate’s Law, Travel Ban, And G20 Putin Meeting


The truth is these days the Mainstream Media is extremely easy to Troll, which is bad for them because President Trump is a master of the art of Trolling.

Kate’s Law made it through the House of Representatives and is set to be voted on by the Senate, which will most likely pass the bill on to President Trump for signing.

The Supreme Court reinstated key parts of President Trump’s Travel Ban, a huge victory for the administration over the 9th circuit court.

President Donald Trump is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit, confirmed by McMasters and The Kremlin. Normally news like this would have been demonized and sensationalized by the Mainstream Media ad nauseam.

Kate’s Law moving on to the Senate is a huge victory for the Trump Administrations push against illegal immigration. Typically the MSM would be losing their minds smearing this development and attempting to shape the national narrative against the President and Congress. However, instead they were caught up in Trump Tweet derangement Syndrome.

The Supreme Court completely shit on the 9th Circuit Court by siding with the Trump Administration on key parts of the travel ban. I am surprised that CNN and MSNBC aren’t fellating left-wing pundits over this while calling everything Nazi.

While the Mainstream Media virtue signals to each other in an orgasmic manner over President Trump’s Tweets, they completely ignored that President Trump is meeting with President Putin at the G20. Typically the liberal media would be foaming at the mouth rabid with hate-lust reviving the Russiagate narrative with rock hard traitorous commentary and raging commie erections. Every presstitute newsroom low I.Q. caked on make-up wearing bimbo would be wetter than Niagara Falls screaming Russian Collusion. Thanks to James O’Keeffe and Project Veritas exposing CNN as frauds and “fake news” perpetuating the Russiagate narrative for ratings, we will most likely stop hearing so much about “Russian Election Hacking” that never fucking happened anyway.

Here are the 4-D Chess Tweets that had the MSM in a retarded frenzy.

However my personal favorite piece of Epic Trolling was this Tweet.. Which I’m sure had Joe Scarborough shitting his pants

The National Enquirer article was about that affair Joe Scarborough wishes nobody knew about. 

Hopefully no more dead interns turn up around Psycho Joe Scarborough.

The Mainstream Media got played harder than a 16-year-old virgins X-Box One. You guys just don’t learn do you? President Trump is a master of P.R. and knows exactly how to play his hand. Social media has allowed the President to shape the narrative and affect the news cycle on a moments notice, and he’s got the expertise of a guy like Steve Bannon there advising him on countering the Mainstream Media. The all-out quest to destroy the Trump Administration has blinded the MSM’s globalist overlords and they do not understand what they are contending with.

The vast majority of vocal Trump supporters on all the social media platforms were actually pleased that the President is finally striking back against the constant barrage and onslaught of leftist propaganda.

To all the Republicans out there attacking President Trump for using social media, I have one message.. Go fuck yourself. It was the reach of social media that got President Trump elected, that energized the base while the MSM was spouting bullshit polls and fake news stories, it was the social media reach that helped destroy Hillary Clinton and the man has an entire ARMY of dedicated Trolls out there (myself included) doing the work of dismantling fake news MSM globalist propaganda.