Spaceshot76: Qanon – Judge Threatened /Anti-Q MSM Tries To DOXX Manafort Jury

John Brennan tries to push back on President Trump for removing his security clearance, meanwhile in the manafort case the judge TS Ellis the Third says that he has been threatened and will not release the names of the jurors as he said he does not feel it would be safe for them, also the group asking for the Jurors info are the same MSM group who are against Q. Go figure.



Pedophile Crackdown: U.S. Mayors

The Mainstream Media has been denying the existence of elite pedophile rings and political pedophilia for decades. In 2016 after leaked John Podesta emails seem to link the former Hillary Clinton campaign head to elite political pedophile rings, the issue went viral across the internet. Storms of independent citizen investigators began delving into the dark world of the political elite and discovered a long history of cover-ups and degenerate behavior. Many of these citizens investigators were ridiculed and marginalized by mainstream media giants in an attempt to kill these types of stories from coming out.

In an attempt to bury the issue of political pedophilia, the Mainstream Media has attempted to hide the fact that a string of U.S. Mayors have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. In this article I am going to highlight some of the earth shattering cases being largely ignored or obfuscated by the MSM.

On July 29th 2017, KTIV reported that Randolph, NE Mayor Dwayne Schutt was facing multiple child sexual assault charges. Allegedly he was assaulting a 14-year-old juvenile over the course of 4 years!

On February 17th 2016, WTOC 11 reported that Dawson, GA Mayor Christopher Wright was implicated in the molestation of a 12-year-old girl!

On August 11th 2016, reported that former Rockdale, TX Mayor Darral Gene Walker was indicted for sexually assaulting a child!

On December 13th 2016, former Milbrook, NY Mayor Donald H. Briggs was charged with having sex with committing sex acts with a teenager!

On March 20th 2017, Kenneth Lewis Barrett, Mayor of Winston, OR was arrested for attempting to have sex with a 14-year-old girl! Complete scum!

On September 4th 2017, Jezebel reports that Stillwater, NY Mayor Rick Nelson was arrested on Child Pornography charges! Rick Nelson had also been investigated for allegedly raping 2 girls while he was a bus driver for the town, and was also investigated for the alleged molestation of a 5-year-old child on one of his buses.

On August 5th 2016, KCRA 3 reported that Stockton, CA Mayor Anthony Silva was arrested on pedophile charges at his youth camp!

Political pedophilia is a very real thing and Pedogate investigations should not be written off as “Conspiracy Theories”. There is a long documented history of pedophilia among Americas political class and the truth must be exposed.


Political Pedophilia: an open source investigation


The Truth About The Clinton Pedophile Ring Exposed


Pedophiles Rule The World


Bill Clinton on Pedophile Island (#LolitaExpress)


Conspiracy Of Silence / The Franklin Cover-up HQ Version!


Kudos to law enforcement for bringing these scumbags down!

Bannon Leaves White House To Wage War On Trump’s Enemies 

“If there’s any confusion out there, let me clear it up: I’m leaving the White House and going to war for Trump against his opponents — on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America,” Bannon said Friday in an interview with Bloomberg News hours after his departure was announced by the administration.

Bloomberg Reports 

The Events At Charlottesville Designed To Damage The Right (UPDATED)

Article Updated

In the wake of the events in Charlottesville, it is safe to say that this event has damaged the position of the Right. Aside from the tragic death of an innocent woman, the optics of the situation will be used by the Mainstream Media and the Left to demonize the Right Wing Movement and will change the current political paradigm.

Some new information and details are emerging that I think should be noted. I’m starting to get the feeling that Charlottesville is going to be used as a psy-op to divide and demonize the right

Report: Charlottesville Racist Leader Was Former Occupy Activist, Obama Supporter

Confirmed! Mayor Ordered Police Stand Down. Whenever this happens it is pretty much guaranteed to spark a riot or violent clash.

Antifa has been caught red-handed colluding with the Mayor of Charlottesville to spark violence.

Just as I predicted, the Mainstream Media is taking this opportunity to smear President Trump as a racist.

MSNBC: “Trump Is ‘An Unvarnished Racist”

And this gem from the very fake news MSNBC

MSNBC: ‘We Have A Racist As A President”

Update 9am 8-15-17

Antifa is not above attacking journalists.

‘Tolerant’ Antifa Protesters Assault MSM Journalist, Bust Head Open

We all know the Mainstream Media will bury this story of left-wing violence.

Here are some screen shots of leftists now calling for violence. This is from the Antifa Boston counter protest for the canceled free speech rally

President Trump, Televise A Weekly Address!!!!

Everyone with a working brain can see that the Mainstream Media is hell-bent on derailing the Trump Administration. To combat the MSM Fake News machine and to help destroy this Russiagate nonsense I believe President Trump should do a weekly fireside chat on broadcast T.V.

The globalist owned and operated Mainstream Media is the AIDS of Journalism, so they should just be circumvented completely by the President. Much like Twitter, these fireside chats would reach the public directly and would completely destroy the MSM narrative


Trump Tweet Hysteria Consumes MSM! They Ignore Kate’s Law, Travel Ban, And G20 Putin Meeting


The truth is these days the Mainstream Media is extremely easy to Troll, which is bad for them because President Trump is a master of the art of Trolling.

Kate’s Law made it through the House of Representatives and is set to be voted on by the Senate, which will most likely pass the bill on to President Trump for signing.

The Supreme Court reinstated key parts of President Trump’s Travel Ban, a huge victory for the administration over the 9th circuit court.

President Donald Trump is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit, confirmed by McMasters and The Kremlin. Normally news like this would have been demonized and sensationalized by the Mainstream Media ad nauseam.

Kate’s Law moving on to the Senate is a huge victory for the Trump Administrations push against illegal immigration. Typically the MSM would be losing their minds smearing this development and attempting to shape the national narrative against the President and Congress. However, instead they were caught up in Trump Tweet derangement Syndrome.

The Supreme Court completely shit on the 9th Circuit Court by siding with the Trump Administration on key parts of the travel ban. I am surprised that CNN and MSNBC aren’t fellating left-wing pundits over this while calling everything Nazi.

While the Mainstream Media virtue signals to each other in an orgasmic manner over President Trump’s Tweets, they completely ignored that President Trump is meeting with President Putin at the G20. Typically the liberal media would be foaming at the mouth rabid with hate-lust reviving the Russiagate narrative with rock hard traitorous commentary and raging commie erections. Every presstitute newsroom low I.Q. caked on make-up wearing bimbo would be wetter than Niagara Falls screaming Russian Collusion. Thanks to James O’Keeffe and Project Veritas exposing CNN as frauds and “fake news” perpetuating the Russiagate narrative for ratings, we will most likely stop hearing so much about “Russian Election Hacking” that never fucking happened anyway.

Here are the 4-D Chess Tweets that had the MSM in a retarded frenzy.

However my personal favorite piece of Epic Trolling was this Tweet.. Which I’m sure had Joe Scarborough shitting his pants

The National Enquirer article was about that affair Joe Scarborough wishes nobody knew about. 

Hopefully no more dead interns turn up around Psycho Joe Scarborough.

The Mainstream Media got played harder than a 16-year-old virgins X-Box One. You guys just don’t learn do you? President Trump is a master of P.R. and knows exactly how to play his hand. Social media has allowed the President to shape the narrative and affect the news cycle on a moments notice, and he’s got the expertise of a guy like Steve Bannon there advising him on countering the Mainstream Media. The all-out quest to destroy the Trump Administration has blinded the MSM’s globalist overlords and they do not understand what they are contending with.

The vast majority of vocal Trump supporters on all the social media platforms were actually pleased that the President is finally striking back against the constant barrage and onslaught of leftist propaganda.

To all the Republicans out there attacking President Trump for using social media, I have one message.. Go fuck yourself. It was the reach of social media that got President Trump elected, that energized the base while the MSM was spouting bullshit polls and fake news stories, it was the social media reach that helped destroy Hillary Clinton and the man has an entire ARMY of dedicated Trolls out there (myself included) doing the work of dismantling fake news MSM globalist propaganda.




The Mainstream Media and The Democrats Go Into Complete Melt Down After Trump Fires Comey

The Globalist run “Deep State” or “Establishment” is shitting a brick now that President Trump has fired former FBI Director James Comey.

Trump supporters nationwide have been clamoring for President Trump to begin draining the Washington D.C. swamp not understanding that certain key people have to be in place for such a massive undertaking to work.

You cannot ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions to prosecute cases that don’t exist! The truth is that James Comey was a major road block to any major investigation as he had gone out of his way to protect Hillary Clinton.

The Mainstream Media is losing its SHIT over the fact that Comey was fired, despite the fact that they all called for him to be fired a few months ago. Hillary Clinton herself still blames James Comey for losing the 2016 Presidential Election!

Despite the fact that the FBI and CIA have confirmed that there is still zero evidence of collusion between President Trump and Russia, the Mainstream Media is still beating a dead horse. Now they claim that Trump fired Comey to try to kill the Russiagate investigation. 

The MSM actually thinks that the American people are that dumb! I mean, don’t get me wrong there are certainly a lot of stupid people out there, however this is one lie that just isn’t going to stick. Nobody should be surprised though, the MSM is used to running cover for political hacks.

Out of all the Mainstream Media hacks, the one whom I loathe the most lately is Keith Olbermann. This delusional piece of human filth is literally asking intelligence agencies to “Take Out” President Trump. If that isn’t a direct threat to the life of the President that needs to be prosecuted then I don’t know what is. This is a textbook case of sedition and TREASON.

This shitbag needs a reality check from the Secret Service and the DOJ. Sooner rather than later.

The majority of the MSM is complete shit now, the dying dinosaur media is committing suicide. You think they would have learned their lesson after their dishonest coverage of the election cycle, when Alex Jones has higher weekly ratings than all of the Mainstream Media sock puppet cock jockeys combined, you know the end is near.

Go home MSM, you are drunk.

These are just a few videos, there is literally thousands of these on YouTube, the Democrats and the Mainstream Media, which are basically the same thing, have lost their goddamn minds. It was just a few months ago that these same people were clamoring for former President Obama to fire James Comey.. But since President Trump did it now it’s a constitutional crisis.. Give me a fucking break.

The truth is that right now the Establishment in Washington is completely panicking. They understand that the Department Of Justice and its respective agencies are now going to be run by people who are willing to prosecute the most vile and corrupt swamp monsters in D.C.

I do also take issue with the fickle Trump supporters that have jumped off the Trump Train since the Syria missile strike. The man has been delivering on Campaign Promises hand over fist, he has done more in 100 days than anybody could have hoped for, and instead of being grateful and praising the man they helped elect, they turn their back on him over that missile strike. Did they really think that President Trump was going to be able to execute every single campaign promise the second he took office? Do they not understand the complexity and gravity of the situation?

It is extremely naive to think that President Trump was going to be able to reverse 30 years of shit policy overnight, realize that it took decades and multiple administrations to put in place the framework of corruption and subversion that we are seeing today. He is going to be President for the next 4 years and there will be plenty of time for him to enact as much of his agenda, our agenda, between now and President Trump’s reelection campaign!

Mark my words, the Swamp Drain is coming, hell it already started! James Comey is gone and now the DOJ can do its job.

Had to add this because I still find it hilarious..






Koreas On A Collision Course

Originally Published by Park Sang-seek

Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il, once said, “I would destroy the world or take the world with me before accepting defeat on the battlefield.”
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently warned that South and North Korea are on a collision course. At their first meeting Donald Trump and Xi Jinping failed to reach any new agreement on the North Korean nuclear issue. Soon after Trump ordered a US Navy strike group o the Western Pacific, to counter North Korea’s escalating military threat. All indications are that South Korea is facing the calm before the storm. The question is, what should Seoul do at this crucial moment? The answer: it must locate the origin of this storm.

Since the International Atomic Energy Agency discovered in 1992 that North Korea had begun to produce nuclear bombs, South Korea and the US have tried to stop North Korea’s nuclear programme, through US-North Korea bilateral negotiations (1993-1994) and the six-party talks (2003-2008). But both efforts failed to denuclearise North Korea.


Headlines The MSM is Totally Missing. Part 1

Apparently its up to us to do the Mainstream Media’s job since they suck and only want to publish news that will make the average uninformed reader shit in their pants or completely confuse people. Here are some stories that will be interesting to watch as they develop.

Iran is directly involved in the Syrian conflict. Estimates are that they have 60,000 troops deployed inside Syria. Inside ‘the Glasshouse’: Iran ‘is running covert war in Syria costing BILLIONS from top secret spymaster HQ near Damascus airport’

North Korea is evacuating 600,000 people from its capital Pyongyang. North Korea readies for war? Kim Jong-un orders evacuation of Pyongyang

Republican Establishment Globalist Pawns are moving against President Trump’s border wall. Day of the Cowards: Ryan, McCain team up to strip Trump’s border wall funding request from spending bill

Kim Jong-un is making a lot of public appearances these days as tensions rise with the US. DPRK’s top leader makes frequent public appearances amid tension with U.S.

China is talking about creating nuclear powered air craft carriers like the US does. Third China-made aircraft carrier could be nuclear-powered: expert

US is stepping up sanctions against Iranian government and military personnel. U.S. sanctions Iranian military chief’s brother over prison abuses

Yet another story showcasing the rampant sexual abuse being covered up by the United Nations. U.S. urges punishment for peacekeepers tied to sex abuse as U.N. ends tainted Haiti mission

US expanding its Air Force presence in South Korea. Air Force confirms plan to base SAR at second airport

China will be selling rail cars to the LA Metro. CRRC signs $178m deal with LA Metro

China is pushing towards acquiring Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Baidu to buy US firm in AI push

China has warned North Korea that if they go forward with their 6th nuclear test China will cut their crude oil supply! ‘China could halt crude oil supply,’ says Chinese state media

North Korea is turning to Bitcoin for cash flow as American Sanctions are hitting their economy very hard.  N.Korea Extorts Bitcoins as Flow of Hard Currency Dries up

Philippines sign agreement with US to help crack down on child trafficking. RP, US boost fight vs child trafficking in new agreement

ISIS agents get caught in Philippines, will be deported. IS couple deported this week

French FM claims Assad is full of shit when it comes to chemical weapons.  Assad comments on chemical attack ‘100% lies’ — French minister

Fetullah Gulen will never give up trying to take over Turkey, that is a fact. Some 200 police officers being investigated in the north for Gulen ties

China is getting involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? CHINA URGES ESTABLISHMENT OF PALESTINIAN STATE

It would appear that Assad might be losing support from Russia? After Tillerson’s Russia Visit, Assad’s Days in Syria May Be Numbered

Image Credit: Moses Mehraban 

Please share your thoughts and comments with me!!!





GOOGLE Quietly Silencing the Alternative Media While Pushing To Become “Internet Police”

A large movement of Independent, Libertarian, Right Wing, and Truth Movement crowd funded content creators, who also depend on Google Adsense revenues, has organically formed on YouTube and it has a massive following. The “Alternative Media”.

The arrogance of the Mainstream Media and the Globalists during and after the 2016 Presidential Election only helped to propel this movement forward. A large portion of the MSM’s viewership turned away by media bias, and those who already consume most of their news online, gravitated directly to Alternative Media.

Since about Barack Obama’s second term, and reaching a crescendo during the 2016 Presidential Election its viewership, listenership, and readership has expanded formidably and now rivals that of the Mainstream Media.

This has the Globalists in a complete panic as they are watching the ratings of their propaganda machine dwindle while the ratings of people with video editing software and an internet connection, a smart phone, or a webcam are exploding.

In a push to create a corporate policing entity over free speech on the internet, tech giant Google has implemented new measures for dealing with the rapid growth of Alternative Media.

Content creators all across the spectrum of alternative media are seeing their viewership numbers and Adsense revenue drop literally over night. Google has been quietly using shadowy tactics.

  • Removal of Anti-Globalist related search terms from Google and Youtube search
  • Removing of videos from the “Trending Feed”, or prevent videos from trending.
  • Thousands of subscribers to popular alternative media YouTube channels are reporting that their subscribed channel notifications are being turned off on their favorite channels.
  • Thousands of content creators are reporting video, website, and blog demonetization overnight.
  • YouTube claims they violated “TOS”, or claim that the topic of the content is considered “not advertiser friendly”.
  • Several prominent content creators are reporting their AdSense or AdRoll accounts are terminated without proper explanation and no ability to overturn the decision.

The Mainstream Media however is not being limited in any way even though they are covering the very same “Sensitive Material” as some of these YouTube channels. Google is attempting to prop up the Mainstream Media’s ratings and revenue both on T.V. and Online while simultaneously becoming the overseer of the Internet.

Google is pushing forward to become the internet police force for the Globalists, squashing their opposition in hopes of stifling the Populist/Nationalist movement from continuing to spread globally which threatens their agenda to finish installing a technocratic corporate global government.



Popular search engine accused of running cover for presidential nominee



Google launches “CrossCheck” in France to censor pro-Le Pen news



For Google’s Data Wars, It All Comes Down to Location


Tech giant wants its puppets placed inside FCC

The Internet’s largest ad network won’t support sites that show what happened at Abu Ghraib—but company reps say they’re only enforcing the rules.

News Corp chief: Orwellian algorithms of Google and Facebook put us on ‘slippery slope of censorship’

Is Google Censoring Search Results To Protect Hillary?

Google to Allow ‘Brand Safety’ Monitoring by Outside Firms, Alphabet unit offers new tools to marketers after ads ran alongside objectionable content


Photo Credit: feliperivera

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