Addressing QAnon Drama, Q Real or Fake?

It would seem that the actions of a small group of money hungry individuals tried to take over the Q Research community for personal profit. It’s sad to see some of the people you once respected being complete and utter shills. Hope you guys enjoy the video, I got to test out the green screen I ordered a few weeks back.

Music by DJ NCC

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Chicken Costume Clad Antifa Member Attacks Owen Shroyer

I’d say things aren’t looking so good for Antifa, this Anti-Trump rally was anemic at best. Very little turnout, just a handful of communists displaying serious cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

In the next clip watch a member of Antifa fully clad in a chicken costume completely shut down when asked an honest question. This single cell amoeba brained leftie couldn’t even string a few words together coherently. Sad.

I wonder if anyone has told him there’s no refund on that ridiculous chicken costume. What am I saying he probably stole it.



Al Franken Should Resign Today

LeeAnn Tweeden, a model, sports broadcaster, and TV host, has revealed the behind the scenes harassment she endured on a USO tour with Senator Al Franken emceeing.


What is good for the goose is good for the gander. When there are allegations like these against the Right, the mainstream media gives them wall to wall coverage. Al Franken should resign if we are serious about holding everyone to the same standard.


Flashback:Obama Stole From Mortgage Investors To Pay Subsidies To Insurace Companies While They Posted Record Profits 

Story complete with official treasury documents outlining how this was all done

On Aug. 17, 2012, the Obama administration finalized the amendment of the Treasury Department’s Senior Preferred Stock Agreements with Fannie and Freddie that deprived private and institutional investors of their legally due dividend payments.

This enabled the Obama Treasury Department to confiscate billions of dollars in Fannie and Freddie earnings, in what is known as the “Net Worth Sweep,” or NWS.

Yeah apparently I have to keep reminding people that this happened because the typical Liberal doesn’t think they only “feel” 

Drain The Swamp: Imran Awan Trial Could Torpedo The Entire Democratic Party

In light of recent revelations relating to the investigation of Imran Awan, it would appear that he may have been extorting Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Democratic Party and passing along sensitive information to the Muslim Brotherhood and may have been tied to the murder of DNC Leaker Seth Rich. Lets take a look at the facts.


In my estimation, Seth Rich was most likely murdered for attempting to expose the corruption inside the Democratic Party. Lets be real here, Julian Assange has stopped short of naming Seth Rich as the leaker of the DNC emails that Wikileaks published, even offering a reward for information on his killer.

I think that Awan may have tipped off Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Democrats that Seth Rich was the DNC Leaker and that he was murdered because of it.

Nobody finds it strange that these two are connected and that Seth Rich was with Awan the night that he was murdered?

Thanks to Wikileaks we know Democratic heavy weights like John Podesta are all for making examples out of leakers! Check out this email for yourself!


All of this information should be looked at carefully and considered when examining the mountain of information and developments surrounding the investigation and prosecution of Imran Awan. It appears to me that the DNC Leak, Seth Rich’s murder, Imran Awan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the rigging of the Democratic Primaries against Bernie Sanders, and the open corruption of the Democratic Party are all linked together.

The outcome of these investigations and cases will be a clear indicator of just how corrupt D.C. is. I sometimes wonder if Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be able to successfully expose and prosecute acting members of Congress along with a host of people connected to the DNC, this may just be the big “Drain The Swamp” moment we have all been waiting for.

I believe Imran Awan planted that laptop as an insurance policy against being the next victim of Clintoncide and that Seth Rich was murdered as a warning to any future leakers exposing the dark underbelly of the D.C. Swamp.


Welcome! This is a Red Pill Party

We are fighting a culture war against an enemy that most people really fail to understand. Whether it be because of ignorance or naivety or denial, the average person cannot fathom the extent of how far the rabbit hole goes.

The average person has either never heard of or has a vague knowledge of groups like The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Club of Rome, Bilderberg, The Bank Of International Settlements, G20, The Royal Institute Of International Affairs, and a host of other similar round table groups that shape the current paradigm we currently find ourselves in.

To truly understand the gravity of our current societal situation, you have to at least attempt to grasp the concept that there are groups that steer and control our governments that are un-elected and do not have our best interests at heart. People have been dismissing these topics as conspiracy theories and have marginalized those that seek to expose the facade not realizing that they are imprisoning themselves in a jail that has no walls. Where people police their own thoughts and adhere to commonly accepted practices and beliefs and never question how we got to where we are as a civilization.

It can be hard to accept that the same groups of people manipulating our nations monetary policy are also manipulating our political, academic, social, and religious systems. One only has to look at the writings of these groups to see for themselves that the majority of us are living in a make-believe world that has been engineered to maintain the bulk of humanity in a lulled state that can be easily governed, manipulated, and controlled.

I am going to attempt in this post to provide a lengthy list of resources for the average person to become “red pilled”. There will be a mix of documentaries and books in this post that will help you awaken to the truth or to help others that are still asleep. The truth is that if we want to change the current state of the world we have to seek to become the change we want to see. I hope that this post helps you find your way. You might even understand me a little better in the process.

First I would like to start you off with a rather lengthy documentary that you might want to watch in parts. It covers a lot of ground and topics and is about 3 hours. It is titled “JFK to 9/11 Everything Is A Rich Mans Trick”

The next is a book by Stanley Monteith titled “Brotherhood Of Darkness”. This book is not a massive tome, it’s actually quite an easy read, however there is a lot of useful information in it that will help point you in the right direction as far as research goes. This is a great resource for those taking the first red pill.

Another great primer is a book titled “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen. I cannot stress how important it is for you to read this book.

The next book I would like to share with you is one that I have to say was instrumental in shaping my understanding of how the world really works. “Tragedy & Hope: A History Of The World In Our Time” by Carroll Quigley. This is not an easy read, it is a 1300+ page book that details the history of the world and its power players and explains how the banking elites have managed to cement control over the planet and worked to create the new world order… Most people will be shocked to learn the truth behind some of the most influential moments of the past 100 years.

The next bit of information I would like to share with you is pretty awesome. It is an interview with a former teacher titled “The Underground History Lesson” with none of other than the great John Taylor Gatto. This is another documentary I recommend you watch in parts because it is 5 hours long! I learned more from this interview than I was ever taught in any school history class.

You should also think about reading his book “Weapons of Mass Instruction” so that you can understand the true nature of compulsory schooling.

The next book I would like to share with you is titled “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. You won’t understand the damage done to Americas youth through the education system until you read this book along with the works of John Taylor Gatto. I recommend buying both books on this list because they compliment each other.

Charlotte Iserbyt has also been featured in several documentaries, all of which are worth watching. One of these is a 5 part interview series published by Infowars with Charlotte Iserbyt titled “The Secret History of Western Education: The Scientific Destruction Of Minds”

To better understand the way that the financial systems of the world were created and are currently controlled I present to you a documentary titled “The Money Masters”. I highly recommend you watch this video and share it with people so they can understand what is really going on. For the record, the producers of this documentary endorse President Trump because they know that he is trying to dismantle the globalist money masters control over the United States and the world. You can buy a dvd of this on The Money Masters website.

Here is a Corbett Report interview with one of the producers of “The Money Masters”

Next I want to share with you a book that you should absolutely think about reading. “Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids” by the late Jim Marrs. This book and his other works are a treasure trove of information and I suggest you read them.

The globalist cabal was responsible for the rise of both Hitler and Lenin, they funded the Bolshevik Revolution and bank rolled the Nazi’s. To learn more about Wall Streets connection to the Nazi’s go ahead and read “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” by Anthony C. Sutton.

To learn about how Wall Street funded the Bolshevik Revolution, check out “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” also by Anthony C. Sutton.

If you would like to understand the roots of psychological operations and propaganda work you should read a book titled “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays. Modern psychological manipulation and engineering is based on his work and if you want to better understand how it works I highly suggest you read this book.

The Bilderberg Group is an organization of industry leaders and politicians that meet to steer the direction of the world. It is highly influential and they really do help control foreign policy across the world. Check out this documentary.

Modern day communists in the United States go by a very specific playbook, which makes them very predictable. “Rules For Radicals” by Saul Alinsky is a must read for all Patriots world-wide. If you want to learn how these people operate then you should read this book.

Here is Ron Paul explaining the influence of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission in pushing for a one world government.

Here is a video from 1975 of the CIA admitting that they influence the Mainstream Media and manipulate stories and headlines. Sounds like Operation Mockingbird to me.

Here is Mark Dice explaining Operation Mockingbird.

Next I would like to share with you a book that is very well researched. You will find information in it that in the least provide you with plenty of material to research on your own. Even if you do not agree with the books conclusions, the Collins brothers have compiled a wealth of information in this book. “The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship”

Population control and restrictive resource management are an integral part of the globalist agenda. If you want to learn more about the roots of UN Agenda 21 I suggest you read “Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment”.  Here is a link to the FREE PDF of the book, It is quite expensive on Amazon (most likely to deter people from buying it and reading it). 

Although this article may seem lengthy, this is only a snapshot of the kind of information that is really out there. I hope that you do watch and read what I have provided here and I will periodically post more red pill party posts to keep dumping links and videos to useful information. Please share this information with as many people as possible and do your part to win this war against globalism. It is going to be up to our generation to stop this.

ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS! Call The White House And Let The President Know We Want McMaster FIRED!

Call the President

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

It has become apparent that those surrounding President Trump at the moment are working towards prematurely ending his Administration. All signs point to the fact that there is currently a soft-coup underway to unseat President Trump.

I am calling for all Trump supporters and voters to call the White House message line and leave a message for President Trump letting him know that we want General McMaster FIRED.

McMaster is working to isolate President Trump from his strongest supporters inside the administration.

Deep State coup rooting out patriots from White House

McMaster has also been caught communicating with and briefing George Soros, the known ring leader of the Globalist Coup of President Trump.

McMaster leaking intel to Soros almost daily, says high-level Israeli intelligence

It boggles the mind that people like McMaster haven’t been exposed as globalist shills before.

Did you know that McMaster was working with a George Soros funded think tank to promote the Iranian nuclear deal?


Am I the only one that finds it both strange and irresponsible to allow Susan Rice to maintain a security clearance even after she was exposed for her role in the Unmasking scandal?

National Security Advisor sharing secrets with Obama aide

It should be noted that H.R. McMaster attended the 2017 Bilderberg Meeting of Globalists

Bilderberg 2017 Meeting List of Attendees 

Bottom line, McMaster is a liability and needs to go, how long will he continue undermining President Trump?




McMaster Is A George Soros Operative, Organizing Coup Against President Trump


Roger Stone Jr. broke the story on Infowars confirming what most of us already believed about General McMaster. He is another globalist deep state pawn and he has to go.

McMaster is growing increasingly paranoid as journalists expose him as a King Leaker.


McMaster has been purging the National Security Council of Trump loyalists in a bid to isolate the President and control information that makes its way to the White House.

“Nerves Are On Edge”: McMaster Has Created “Poisonous Atmosphere” Inside National Security Council

I am calling for all President Trump’s supporters to call the White House and demand that President Trump fire and replace General McMaster

Call the President

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414


Adjusting To Living With Crohn’s Disease pt.1

Crohn’s disease is an auto immune disease that affects millions of Americans. The gastrointestinal manifestations of Crohn’s disease can vary in severity, from mostly benign discomfort, to an all out “My body really hates me right now.”

The scariest part for me, is that whenever I get a bad enough flare, I also have a form of auto immune arthritis that decides it wants to rear its ugly head. So typically, not only am I experiencing the symptoms of a full-blown Crohn’s flare that has me practically living on the toilet, but then I also will get really bad sciatica and arthritic swelling in my legs. It is a painful combination which can be hard to deal with.

My intent is not to scare you, but rather prepare you and give you some information you will find absolutely vital to living with Crohn’s disease.

Stress can trigger some pretty gnarly Crohn’s flares, most people who have been dealing with the disease for a long time can confirm this. Stress can be your biggest enemy, therefore it would be smart to try to manage your stress as best you can:

  • Join a gym! Cardio and Weight training will be your best friends. (I hit the gym 4-5 times a week and have for years, it helped me reduce my flares significantly
  • Practice Yoga! A body that is in balance is much harder to run down. Symptoms of Auto-Immune diseases and the stress associated with them, can be measurably combatted by implementing a serious Yoga regimen.
  • Tai-Chi! I know this sounds whacky, but have you ever seen a Chinese monk losing his cool, or being stressed out? No, Tai-Chi helps bring inner peace and balance and both are necessary to keep the body functioning properly.
  • Take up combat sports! Nothing relieves more stress almost instantaneously than punching someone and getting punched back! LOL No, Seriously. Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Martial Arts. Any one of these sports supports balance and a healthy lifestyle, they also provide much-needed stress relief. Doesn’t hurt that it will also burn belly fat, which will make you healthier and less prone to flare ups overall.
  • Medical Marijuana.. yes I went there. Medical Marijuana has so many uses, there is no better stress reliever out there. Best part is that it’s all natural.

The next hurdle you will have to overcome will be diet. The average gastroenterologist does not focus on the nutrition aspect of the disease. They will give you a basic list of what types of foods to avoid but that’s about it. Here are some foods I think you should stay far away from.

  • Overly Fatty Foods: Although it is vital to make sure you are having your essential fatty acids, be sure to avoid foods that have really high fat content. The only time I say throw caution to the wind is when you are eating something like avocado. Greasy fatty foods can push your already struggling digestive system and cause you other GI issues, mainly pancreatitis. Pro Tip: George Foreman Grills are still one of the easiest and cheapest ways to drain unwanted fat and grease from your food.
  • AVOID CORN! Whole kernel corn will literally make it feel like you swallowed a bag of sharpened pennies. I’ve noticed corn meal does not have the same effect, nor does corn bread or even nachos for that matter, however you might want to avoid popcorn and whole corn, including on the cobb.
  • Careful with insoluble fiber, it can also send your gut into hyper mode.
  • Stay away from overly spicy foods! I used to love eating spicy food often, it has been a really hard adjustment to make however I have far fewer instances of gastric distress (the Hershey Hurries as I like to call them).
  • AVOID CHEAP WHEY PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS!! Many people with Crohn’s disease have an issue dealing with lactose! Cheap substandard Whey proteins used in many recovery fitness supplements can really do a number on you as milk proteins and fats your body can’t handle are found in abundance in cheap Whey. My solution is I use VEGA Vegan Protein Powder, I am not vegan however this product gives you the added benefit of boosting protein intake without the nasty side effects and gas of Whey Protein. (Protein supplements are recommended for muscle recovery and muscle growth if you are taking my advice and hitting the gym and working out)
  • AVOID MILK, like as much as possible, Lactaid is okay though. I don’t recommend having even Lactaid before bed though.

There are some simple supplements you can take that will add as an aid when taking preventative measures.

  • Probiotics!! Cheap, Simple, Effective. Introducing normal and healthy gut flora will help normalize your gut. If there is an abundance of healthy organisms in your gut then there is no room for the bad bugs. Also, studies have shown that it helps regulate intestinal function and it reduces Crohn’s flares. My favorite Probiotic is called PB8 and it has 14 billion live cultures per serving. In all honesty however, the best, most pure, most well researched, and most thoroughly composed is Biome Defense 50 from Infowars Life, if you have the money to spend this is legitimately the most top-notch high-end probiotic you will find anywhere, YOU HAVE TO KEEP IT REFRIGERATED THATS HOW POTENT IT IS.
  • Papaya Enzymes! They are great for digestive health, inexpensive, they will help your body process the higher intake of protein you will be consuming. Also really good for helping with pancreatic issues!
  • Aloe Vera! Aloe is a natural anti-inflammatory and would be smart to take to help prevent new Crohn’s flare related inflammation in the colon and inflammation in the joints. Would be smart for anyone with auto-immune disease to take this, simple, effective, affordable!
  • Resveratrol/Trans-Resveratrol! A potent anti-oxidant that will greatly help your overall health. I highly recommend looking in to anti-oxidants as part of your daily supplement regimen for Cancer prevention. (Colon cancer is common in patients with Crohn’s disease)

These are just a few things I learned through personal experience that I would like to share with as many other people with Crohn’s as possible. I know it can be really hard to deal with the triggers and symptoms of Crohn’s and I want to help you optimize your future health. Stay fit, stay healthy, eat well.


(VIDEO) Journalist Mike Cernovich Exposes Google’s Tyrannical Censorship

Censoring free speech online is a pretty crappy move, particularly by a company like Google who is currently lobbying government to be acknowledged as a utility.

Top Conservative journalist Mike Cernovich recently sat down with Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars to expose leaked internal documents that prove Google has been pushing private contractors to down vote and give negative ratings to

The aim is to remove Infowars from Google Search Results, effectively limiting its audience growth. This comes on the heels of the most recent Google AdSense controversy and YouTube’s hardcore demonetization of opposing views.

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