UPDATE Trafficking Victim May Be Infiltrator or Illegal Trying To Scam VOP


Check out the Urban Moving YouTube Channel for more updates on the TucsonGate child and human trafficking situation unfolding in the desert.



John McCain, The Rothschilds, And Child Trafficking Camps: What Do They Have In Common?


By now I am sure that you have seen the videos circulating around the internet of a local Arizona homeless veterans rescue group uncovering some Mexican Drug Cartel child trafficking camps.

I figured I would include the first video just so you can get an idea of what I am talking about in case you haven’t seen this.

This has to be one of the more disturbing things I’ve ever seen discovered by accident.


The camp in the video shown was found in one of the busier human and child trafficking corridors in Arizona. People are funneled to Phoenix from Tuscon in search of sanctuary, many times children are used as collateral and or are kidnapped and used to extort more money from the poor illegals being smuggled over the border by the Coyotes and Cartels.


And to those that have attacked people exposing the monstrous behavior on our southern border, I have one question for you. If rape trees don’t exist what is one doing in the middle of a child trafficking camp? Why are there restraints nailed to that tree and why does it have privacy barriers? Rape trees don’t exist and you are a bigot for questioning what kind of people are running these human trafficking rings.


It’s totally normal for homeless camps to have underground holding cells just big enough to fit small children in like these you know. The kind with entrances that are hard to detect via drone. NO BIG DEAL RIGHT? NOTHING TO SEE HERE


God knows how many poor innocent children have suffered at the hand of cartel monsters on their journey to Phoenix. This is literally one of the most disturbing things I have ever had to cover or investigate. I mean just know that the authorities in the area are trying to bury this makes it so much worse, however, it shouldn’t surprise any of you.

Oh, and Craig Sawyer himself went out there and checked out the site and confirmed that he does believe that is a child trafficking campsite.

You see because if you do some digging… If you do a little research you come to find out some really interesting stuff.


The property in question where this child trafficking site was found is owned by CEMEX Construction Materials South LLC. CEMEX is one of the largest concrete manufacturers in the world and some of its investors include.. get ready for it… Carlos Slim, the infamous Mexican billionaire that hates President Trump with a passion and uses the New York Times as his political goons.

Who else is involved in CEMEX?

George Soros… Imagine my shock?

The Bronfmans! Yes, the Bronfmans of NXIVM fame are also involved in CEMEX.

and I was saving the best for last… The Rothschild’s.

Yes, the Rothschild’s are CEMEX shareholders.



CEMEX is HUGE in Arizona.. and tied to Jeff Flake and John McCain?

So you have two vehement Anti-Trumpers in bed with CEMEX which has active cartel run Child and Human Trafficking camps set up on its properties along the I-9, with a ROTHSCHILD MAYOR. Rothschild’s funded Clinton’s, Obama, CEMEX, and John McCain’s Institute… You can’t make this shit up!

Donors - McCain InstituteMcCain Institute

Yes, The Eranda Rothschild Foundation run by Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild are donors to the McCain Institute! Yes, the same Lynn Forester de Rothschild whom the Hillary Clinton was so worried about upsetting and felt she “owed penance” to. Somehow at the center of another Pedophilia scandal.


I really wasn’t kidding… Jonathan Rothschild is the Mayor of Tuscon, Arizona. What the hell planet am I on? I’m pretty sure at some point I fell asleep and woke up in another timeline far more interesting than my old one, and far creepier.


There is literally tons of evidence that shows that property is in fact owned by CEMEX for those that are still doubting.


It wouldn’t be Conspiracy Truth if CEMEX wasn’t somehow tied to the Clinton’s, and they are through the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. Is anyone surprised that they walked away with a rather lucrative contract after Bill Clinton was put in charge of the Haiti Relief Funds?

Cemex Haiti, an alternative to Cina Cements

Yes, CEMEX does have a foothold in Haiti in case some of you haters out there want to keep calling me tin-hat.

So, what do you guys think? This story has been suppressed for several days now by the Mainstream Media and I think it is because it implicated the very people that employ the Elite East Coast dinosaur news outlets. You guys think this is one of the booms about to go off this week?


I have a really good feeling about this week.

Check out some of the other videos about these camps:

You can find Videos on this directly on the URBAN MOVING YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Here is another


Hopefully, most of these videos stay up, I know that channel has had some issues with YouTube censorship as have many of us on the platform that seeks the truth.

These folks are doing God’s work out there.

Some background on the Arizona Child Trafficking camps:



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More NXIVM Arrests Coming, Secret Money Stash Found, Raniere Raped 12 yr Old

A detailed breakdown and analysis of the NXIVM news stories you probably missed. Hundreds of thousands of dollars hidden in shoeboxes, Raniere 12-year-old Rape victim, More Arrests and a lot more!

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QAnon: Hillary & Huma Snuff Flick Hits Dark Web? Legit or PsyOp?

As much as I want to see Hillary Clinton go down along with her Globalist Lucifarian buddies, I’m not so sure this video has actually leaked to the Dark Web! I literally didn’t sleep for 24 hours just to continue scouring the dark net for the video. Here are my thoughts and findings.

Meant to discredit Q Research Community?
Or are people in control of the video just waiting for the perfect moment to drop the video to the public? Are they trying to build hype for it?

Hear me out.

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QANON: Pedo Networks Targeted

The Pedophile networks connected to our powerful political and corporate overlords are finding themselves under constant attack. It would appear from the string of major arrests being made, that Q Anon was right on the money. 2017 saw a massive wave of arrests of pedo networks, human traffickers, and dark web kiddie porn rings. Here are some links to these arrests. Keep in mind these are international rings, therefore many arrests are happening both inside and outside the United States.

‘Nasty and savage’ pedophile academic who blackmailed victims sentenced to 32 years

“Matthew Falder, a 29-year-old geophysicist at Birmingham University, found his victims on advertising websites and then blackmailed them into sending him even more humiliating photos by threatening to deliver the original racy snaps to their family, friends and employers, Reuters reported.”

British judge sentences prolific pedophile to 32 years

Barry Bennell: 31 years in jail for soccer’s ‘devil incarnate’

Barry Bennell, the serial pedophile whose abuse of young boys rocked the world of British soccer, was described as “the devil incarnate” after being sentenced to 31 years in jail on Monday.

The 64-year-old former soccer coach, now known as Richard Jones, was sentenced for 50 counts of child sexual abuse against 12 boys between the ages of eight and 15 from 1979 to 1991.

Bishop at heart of abuse cover-up claims testifies in Chile

The Chilean bishop accused of covering up sex abuse by a pedophile priest has testified before a Vatican mission looking into the allegations, a priest involved in the interviews said Friday.

Photos: Jeff Lee Altmayer sentenced to life for kidnapping, sex abuse

ICE Agents Arrest 245 Alleged Pedophiles; 44 Children Rescued

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents announced today they have rescued 44 children from sexual abuse as part of a child pornography investigation that netted 245 arrests over five weeks late last year.

Agents have identified an additional 79 individuals who have been abused as children including 24 victims who now may be adults and are seeking the public’s help to identify individuals who are alleged to be sexually abusing young children, with the images posted on the Internet.

Massive Online Pedo Ring Busted By Cops

An Internet pedophile ring with up to 70,000 members — thought to be the world’s largest —has been uncovered by police, a security official said Wednesday.

The European police agency Europol said in a statement that “Operation Rescue” had identified 670 suspects and that 230 abused children in 30 countries had been taken to safety. More children are expected to be found, Europol said.


Veterans for Child Rescue and the organization’s covert VIPR TEAM 12 conduct a coordinated operation in Paragonah, Utah code-named OPERATION BLUE M&M in conjunction and/or cooperation with a number of law enforcement agencies including the Parowan Police Department, Iron County Sheriff’s Department, Garfield County Sheriff’s Department, Beaver County Sheriff’s department, County Prosecutors and the Department of Homeland Security.


Operation “Not In My Town” set out to identify pedophiles operating online and through messaging apps that are actively seeking sex with underage children. During the course of the investigation over 4,000 potential online sexual predators inquired about engaging in sex with a 12-year-old female decoy within a 24 hour period. Over 40 of the most motivated inquiries pursued the decoy via the online platforms and text messages to arrange a physical encounter.

Australian pedophile, Pinay partner get life sentence

An Australian national and his Filipino partner were sentenced to life imprisonment after the court found them guilty of human trafficking and child pornography charges in Cebu on Tuesday.

During the promulgation of the case, Judge Marlon Moneva of the Regional Trial Court Brach 20 also ordered Drew Frederick Shobbrook to pay a fine of P3 million.
Shobbrook was found guilty of two counts of human trafficking and child pornography.

His Filipina partner, Leslie Ann Fernandez, was also sentenced to life in jail and ordered to pay a fine of P2 million for human trafficking in persons.

Here are links to my previous articles on this topic.

PEDOPHILE CRACKDOWN: US and International Law Enforcement Wage War Against Pedophile, Child Sex Traffickers, Sex Traffickers, Child Porn Networks


Trump’s Law & Order: Massive Crackdown on Human Trafficking And Pedophile Networks Nationwide

Pedophile Crackdown: U.S. Mayors

Political Pedophilia – An open source investigation — OffGuardian


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Matt Lauer FIRED, Dems Turn On Conyers and Franken, Weinstein Human Trafficking

Just as I predicted in my video about Harvey Weinstein, the creeps in D.C. and Hollywood are being exposed like its going out of style. Matt Lauer is the latest Fake News agent being exposed for his degenerate behavior. Notice that the majority of these scandals are surrounding Liberals/Democrats and their donors and corporate media apologists.

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Trump’s Law & Order: Massive Crackdown on Human Trafficking And Pedophile Networks Nationwide

Since President Trump’s inauguration on January 20th, there has been a spike in Child Trafficking and Pedophile ring busts around the country. This has been a major topic being probed my independent investigators after strange pedophile code was found in a number of John Podesta’s leaked emails revealed by Wikileaks.

Here is a list of articles highlighting some of these busts

474 Arrested, 28 Sexually Exploited Children Rescued During Statewide Human Trafficking Operation: LASD

38 Jailed in Human Trafficking Undercover Operation, More than 100 were arrested across the area, with 38 men jailed in San Diego County alone

Police said they had rescued 28 children, some of whom had been reported missing, and also 27 adults who had been coerced into prostitution.

TBI Announces 42 Arrests In Human Trafficking Operation


Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media will not even cover these stories, only local affiliates have been reporting on these major arrests and crackdowns.


Jeffrey Sandusky, son of convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Sandusky charged with raping and molesting children. Should be noted that Jeffrey Sandusky is connected to John Podesta and Tony Podesta and Dennis Hastert.

11 arrested across VA in child sex sting

10 arrested in Cumberland County undercover human trafficking sting


Any normal human being would and should be happy to see so many arrests and crackdowns of these vile and disgusting pieces of human filth, NOT THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA THOUGH!

2 children saved, 22 people arrested for human trafficking during Detroit auto show

Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Stings Lead to Largest Bust Yet

The list of arrests and crackdowns is literally growing by the day. Yet not a single headline by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post… It is truly sickening to see that these stories are going completely under-reported.

Utah Attorney General’s Office busts human trafficking ring

Lincoln police arrested nine people as part of a nationwide effort against prostitution and human trafficking.

The list literally seems to go on forever. This is a positive development and I think we can all sleep better at night knowing these people are off the streets.

This is nothing new, there have been several high profile stings across the globe over the last few months and some startling stories coming out across the world of Elite Pedophile Sex Rings. Here are some articles and videos highlighting these stories.

Pedophilia Scandal Sends Shock Waves Through U.K. Soccer

Massive pedophile ring uncovered by police in Norway after arrest of 51 men

How Thatcher’s Government Covered Up a VIP Pedophile Ring

Sir Edward Heath WAS a paedophile, says police chief: Astonishing claim is made that the former PM is guilty of vile crimes ‘covered up by the Establishment

British police smash global pedophile ring, arrest 700 people; 31 children rescued

These networks need to be shut down! There is a long history of Elite Sex Slavery and Pedophile rings. Intelligence agencies like to use pedophilia as a means of blackmailing elites. Some of the links provided are archived websites from the early 2000’s as most of these stories have been wiped from the internet. (I Wonder Why???)

‘World’s largest paedophile ring’ uncovered

Australian police unearth global pedophile ring

Woman judge ‘ran sex ring that killed boy aged five’

Outrage after trial hears how man begged to be locked away for life but was given his freedom within three years

Britons held over ‘Royal sex ring

Ex-Minister held in child sex ring case

Party chief called to testify in Lisbon child sex scandal

Portugal’s elite linked to paedophile ring

The United Nations and NATO are not exempt.

Sex and Drugs at the UN

Nato force ‘feeds Kosovo sex trade’

American firm in Bosnia sex trade row poised to win MoD contract

U.N. adds new cases of sex abuse

Woman sacked for revealing UN links with sex trade

Child sex claim rocks Cabinet

The list continues seemingly forever. There is no short supply of scandal after scandal that has for the most part been forgotten by the general public. I could literally spend hours cataloging these links.

FBI to reopen case against sex offender friend of Prince Andrew: Duke may be forced to claim diplomatic immunity to avoid questioning

So the next time someone calls you a conspiracy theorist for wanting answers about PizzaGate and other major pedophile networks you can go ahead and show them this article or some of the articles I’ve linked and promptly tell them to fuck off.