QAnon: Planned Parenthood, NGO’s Democrat Tax Money Laundering Machine

Let’s discuss the latest QAnon post concerning Democrats money laundering and embezzling taxpayer dollars with the help of Planned Parenthood and other NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations). One big circle of money laundering, corruption, and pay for play.

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George Soros, Shaun King, Cari Tuna Conspire To Rig District Attorney Races In Border States

Am I the only one that can’t believe that George Soros is still allowed to operate in the open, constantly undermining our Constitutional Republic?

How is it that after spending unthinkable amounts of money funding astroturf movements with the intended goal of destabilizing our society and damaging social cohesion and working tirelessly behind the scenes for the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation, George Soros isn’t under some kind of investigation?

How is it that he is allowed to spend a fortune on District Attorney races around the country in specific illegal immigrant sanctuary districts and border states in the hopes of wielding control and influence over them?

“Top cops duking it out with progressive district attorney candidates in the June primary are facing another opponent: the deep pockets of George Soros.

The liberal New York billionaire and progressive organizations are throwing big money to challengers in Alameda, Sacramento and San Diego counties, according to campaign finance records.”

Oh, and it gets better.. look at who is involved in these efforts.

The new political strategy in California is backed by the California Justice & Public Safety PAC, which is funded by Soros; Real Justice, a political action committee that includes the wife of Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz; and civil rights leader and writer Shaun King, who has offered endorsements and speeches.

Yes the co-founder of Facebook’s WIFE, they don’t give her name even though it’s easy to find. Cari Tuna. All of this does tie back to Dustin Moskovitz and George Soros. If California Justice & Public Safety PAC is pushing Soros pawns for District Attorney positions and is being funded by both George Soros and Cari Tuna and Dustin Moskovitz then that leads me to believe it is most likely through:

The Justice Collaborative — General Support (2018)

cari tuna - Bing images

It is clear to me that anyone that is willing to partner with George Soros is bad news, therefore anything that these people do is tainted in some way. They’re projects always on the surface have a veneer of gracious philanthropy but almost always have some sort of unstated end goal or social consequence. Nothing is ever exactly as it seems.

Texas Freedom Network Education Fund — Texas Rising Program

As you can clearly see, it is in KEY border states or areas with illegal immigrant populations. This has nothing to do with actually reforming the justice system for the greater good. Optics. Anything tied to Soros is tainted.

The couple also run the Open Philanthropy Project

Now if you take a look at MarriedWiki (I didn’t know this site existed until I actually found it lol)

They became the first couple that signed the Giving Pledge in 2011, which is established by Bill Gates. They are presently working in their private organization, which is a collaboration between GiveWell and Good Ventures.

Dustin Moskovitz and his wife like to keep the details about their personal low-key, even he is the co-founder of the largest social media. They became part of criticism after they donated 20-million supporting Hilary Clinton campaign. Some have incurred allegations that they unfairly influencing political results.

Eventually, Dustin said the following in response to this:

“We may be criticized by some for taking this action and there will be theories projected onto our reasons — but those who know us best will see the sincerity of our intentions, and can attest that the thoughts above represent the full scope of our motivations. We offer them humbly, and with the deepest love for America, and for the world.”

So again what do we have another connection to the Clintons and Soros.. 20 MILLION dollar donation to the Clinton Campaign through God knows what SuperPAC, most likely some mega fund run by our degenerate pal David Brock. He’s an expert at bundling and laundering funds for political campaigns. 

Like literally David Brock has his hands in more Anti-Trump plots than I can shake a stick at. This is the guy setting narratives? How does he manage to command the entire liberal media? It’s way creepy.

David Brock And Clinton Pal Funneled $700K To Fund Trump Sexual Harassment Accusers

You’ve got Hillary Clinton signaling that she wants to be CEO of Facebook at a time that a Facebook founder is pushing the Soros agenda in states with large illegal immigrant populations. District Attorney races aren’t just important to have control over immigration enforcement efforts but it is also a great way to cover up Human Trafficking, Child Trafficking, and Illegal Drug and Gun trade. This is critical as key trials are set to begin and other cases begin to be prosecuted. It also comes at a time when we have record numbers of resignations in the state and federal legislatures in border states on both sides of the political aisle. None of this is a coincidence.

Dustin Moskovitz and Cari Tuna might be two outstanding people that have nothing to do with any of Soros’s other endeavors, I am merely presenting information to allow you to make up your own mind. From my own research over the years, the majority of the people that play ball with George Soros are complete globalist scum. I can’t say either way if that is the case here with these two but I’m just presenting to you what I’ve found and some of my personal take on things.

Nothing that you are seeing unfold right now is a mere coincidence, my friends.

That brings us to our next usual suspect

Talcum X a.k.a. Shaun King formerly of Black Lives Matter.

Facebook Cofounder’s Wife Bankrolls BLM Activist Shaun King’s PAC

The wife of a Facebook cofounder has provided a bulk of the funding to a political action committee that was co-founded by Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist Shaun King to target district attorney races across the country in an attempt to “fight structural racism.”

Liberal activists and entities, such as billionaire George Soros and the Color of Change PAC, have quietly flooded local district attorney races across the country with cash and organizational support in an attempt to overhaul the criminal justice system by electing far-left DAs.

Again, Her name is Cari Tuna FFS. They keep omitting her name like its supposed to be some big secret.

Nobody finds it just a little strange that all these folks are associated with each other?

Our friend Talcum X has not bee getting very favorable press these days:

Shaun King Fails to Find the Facts Before Sharing Fake Cop Story

SO you’ve got a guy that is completely ANTI Cop literally chomping at the bits any time anything happens with a cop anywhere.

Hacked Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter

Trust me when I tell you that the 650,000 dollars were not the last payment BLM will receive from George Soros.

I have written several pieces just on George Soros’s treachery alone!

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Let us not forget that he was openly threatening President Trump in front of a group of people that were mostly bored out of their minds. You know where he also proclaimed a blue wave would happen in 2018? (that wave turned out to be more of a ripple than anything else).