QAnon “We Have It All” Confirmed By Judicial Watch HRC FOIA Docs!

Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch deserve some kind of award for breaking some of the biggest political stories of the last decade. They recently received documents on Hillary Clinton’s Illegal Email Server investigation that are a really big deal. They have introduced information that was unknown to the public concerning the corruption and collusion surrounding the rigged investigation. They’ve confirmed QAnon’s claims that the DOJ/FBI/Huber/Q-Team have the server[s].

It all started with…


Yes, you read that correctly, Judicial Watch released its latest FOIA acquired Clinton doc’s revealing that the DOJ and FBI have at least 2 physical servers belonging to Hillary Clinton and a host of other devices including laptops and blackberry devices and USB drives on August 3rd, a few short hours after QAnon tells us something big is about to drop.

Document Archive - Judicial Watch

Aside from clear evidence of special treatment, we actually got to see photos of some of the servers and other hardware (including serial numbers).



Actual photos of the hardware in question, and the letter from Hillary Clinton’s lawyers confirming the hardware transfer!


So we have it established in writing directly from a FOIA request. I’m not quite sure how much more confirmation people need for them to realize that QAnon is legit and the drops are full of good information. This operation will produce Public Disclosure of the Truth.

The DOJ and FBI do not like it when you don’t tell them you have a secondary secret server either.


“We are concerned that notwithstanding your repeated statements in oral a written correspondence regarding you and your client’s willingness to cooperate in this matter, you had not raised the existence of the ‘successor server’ or offered access to it prior to your September 21st letter. We remind you that this server is covered by the preservation letters delivered to Williams & Cooney LLP on July 31, 2015, and Platte River Networks on July 30, 2015, and we request that you ensure that this server remains operational with a continual power source (i.e., that it is not unplugged or its operation otherwise interrupted) until further notice.”

Yeah, the reason being they wouldn’t want the power pulled from the secondary server is because they were establishing a remote access to the server. They were making sure they could gather any evidence that had not yet been looked at that could possibly be on that server. They were also hoping to intercept communications or possible file transfers/comms/emails that might be related to the investigation.

Let us not forget to mention the back and forth between the investigation team and lawyers for all involved parties about what should or shouldn’t be considered evidence. Like these unknown files from a blackberry device that supposedly did not belong to Hillary Clinton.


Also makes it abundantly clear that Justin Cooper (I’m guessing one of Hillary Clinton’s IT guys) fully cooperated with the investigation and handed over several devices to the FBI.

What’s up with Cheryl Mills trying to hide behind Attorney-Client Privilege and refusing to speak with the FBI?


“Ms. Mills and Ms. Samuelson serve as attorneys for Hillary Clinton. Accordingly, they each are bound by ethical rules and obligations not to discuss privileged or confidential information within the scope of their legal representation of former Secretary Clinton. See D.C. Rule of Professional Conduct 1.6. We, therefore, are not in a position to consent to a voluntary interview of either Ms. Mills or Ms. Samuelson.”

I guarantee that if you or I were operating an illegal server, it would be a lot harder for our lawyers to argue with the FBI about what can and can’t be considered evidence.




The bottom line is, QAnon has been telling us for months that Q-Team has the server[s], and that the information contained in them is going to be absolutely devastating for the Deep State and the Cabal. Let’s take a look at a few Q drops which have now been confirmed. Yes, Q does have it all.


Is it possible that we have information spread across several devices that details how the Deep State colluded with our allies to put together the phony Dossier which was later used to launch the Russiagate Witch Hunt?

  • PS = Peter Strzok
  • LP = Lisa Page
  • No Name = John McCain
  • Clapper = James Clapper
  • Brennan = John Brennan
  • Rice = Susan Rice
  • LL = Loretta Lynch
  • HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • BC = Bill Clinton
  • Hussein = Barack Obama
  • +22 = Other Deep Staters

These are the main players involved in the coup against President Trump. These are the folks that put together the “Insurance Policy” spoken about in the Strzok-Page text messages that were discussed in Andrew McCabe’s office.


This post is pretty self-explanatory, but if you didn’t know Huber reports directly to Jeff Sessions. The content of the servers is damning and Q lets us know that this information is part of Huber’s investigation. Pretty awesome stuff right here. Q also lets us know that President Trump will continue to press to get access to the DNC’s server.

Another one:


“Server or JA = truth exposed (SR)     (SR) = Seth Rich

D’s are in crisis mode.

AWAN is bigger than you can imagine.

Putin/U1 will come out post summit (they will try to apply artificial MSM heat to cancel).

These people are corrupt beyond belief.

America for sale

Sold out.


I think they have pieced together evidence not only exposing that Seth Rich was murdered for leaking the DNC emails to Wikileaks, but that Uranium One was only a snapshot of the kind of wholesale theft was going on at the time. I believe it will be revealed that there were advanced military secrets contained on Hillary Clinton’s servers and that the information was being sold to the highest bidder and some of our biggest adversaries (think CHINA, think launch codes, think remote access/remote control).



June 26, 2018, we see QAnon again referencing the Server and its connection to the Seth Rich murder. Q even tells us that it was 2 MS-13 members that killed Seth Rich and that analyzing their cellphones will unlock the secret of who ordered them to kill Seth Rich.



In this drop from February 22, 2018, we see more evidence pointing directly to the theory I stated before. Members of the Deep State inside the CIA and Hillary Clinton colluded to sell sensitive secret military technology to the Chinese and others in the international community. Most likely those foreign interests that were donating vast sums of money to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. Some of the same folks that donated heavily to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign. Q lets us know that this information is contained in Hillary’s missing emails, which I argue are also on the Secret G-Mail server set up by Eric Schmidt, which we know Q-Team has possession of, that was in North Korea.



In this post dated December 23, 2017, Q alludes to the 16-year plan to destroy America. Obama purposely tried to weaken our dominance over the Space above the Earth. Clearly, President Trump’s push to create a Space Force was designed to counter the gutting of our Space capabilities by the Obama Administration. It also references how some of that technology was shared with North Korea and Iran through Hillary Clinton’s open access server.



In this June 11, 2018 post Q stresses the fact that the “server brings down the house”. The entire corrupt Deep State House Of Cards built on treason and the sale of National Security Secrets to the highest bidder. I’m sure those files also contain details about the Cabal’s human and child sex trafficking. I honestly can’t wait until more files are made available to the public. I am feeling extremely vindicated these days.

Let’s take a look at some more PROOF CONFIRMING QANON DROPS:




Those are just a few proofs from of which there are MANY. Go ahead and check that out any time you get someone spewing MSM propaganda at you. WE HAVE VERIFIABLE TIME STAMPED PROOFS.

It is amazing to see QAnon’s claims that the DOJ has the server[s], that they have HAD the servers for some time and control the source files CONFIRMED BY JUDICIAL WATCH through its latest Hillary Clinton Email FOIA documents.

Reading the Q drops, looking at the news, and using the knowledge gained from 15 years of investigating the Globalist Cabal, I am convinced that Hillary Clinton’s email servers were being used as a drop point in a larger pay for play, America For Sale scheme that involved selling off some of the countries most guarded secrets. Everything from sensitive compartmentalized technologically advanced special access programs, to military tactics and troop movements. I am also quite certain that these same servers were used to conduct other illegal activities, such as human and child sex trafficking, drug running, and a host of other things that would turn your stomach.

Anyone that has studied the history of the 16-year plan to destroy America, and its origins, will probably agree with my assessment of the situation. I wrote an extensive piece on how Bilderberg was behind the election of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton’s appointment as Secretary of State and her run for President in 2016. She was never supposed to lose, she was supposed to continue the mission Obama was chosen for (to weaken America through BHO and then deliver the Death Blow to America through Hillary Clinton), carefully orchestrated by The Cabal through roundtable groups like Bilderberg (and the CFR, Royal Institute Of International Affairs, Trilateral Commission).

I believe the Patriots inside our Government and Military have had plans to bring down The Cabal for several decades but could not guarantee its success, or provide the desired probability of success. President Donald Trump was the last piece they needed to Secure the Republic. In the end, we are going to win this. America is Ground-Zero in this War and the rest of the World is watching us in amazement, with Hope! Finally, they see that we can overthrow the Evil that has corrupted our Nations. #1776 is WORLDWIDE.

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QAnon: Deep State Panic Mode, Fake News Empire Collapsing (Breakdown)

Let’s take a look at the news surrounding Q Anon’s latest posts. It would appear that the tide has seriously turned against the cabal. As March Madness intensifies this week promises to be fireworks!
The Deep State is in a complete panic mode as the Fake News mainstream media empires are collapsing around them. 

QAnon Posts Before The Boards Got Wiped in PDF Format:

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QAnon: Operation #RedPillTheNormies

The time has come for the QAnon research community to intensify efforts to support the draining of the swamp. We need to be the civilian side of The Storm. The time has come to Red Pill as many Normies as possible.

Here is the Steemit – DTube Mirror of the above video:!/v/ramsesreyes/3kvsc68r

QAnon Posts Before The Boards Got Wiped in PDF Format:

Here is an interesting video

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Laughing At Liberals Reacting To President Trump’s State Of The Union Speech (Video)

Watch and partake in the hilarity with me. The Democratic Party is in shambles, is about to be exposed for their corruption along with the Deep State, and have absolutely no substantive message.

We are winning this war to save the Republic. What a time to be alive

Here are some memes for your enjoyment.


It shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Democrat Establishment does not give a damn about the American People.


Schumer looked like a super villain that entire speech, I got a healthy laugh out of that.


Nancy Pelosi literally looked like she was pre embalmed while sucking on the most sour object on the planet.


“Sloppy Joe” Kennedy III could not stop drooling while he gave his rebuttal to the State Of The Union Address. Funny thing is he did it at a tech school (vocational school), the exact kind of school President Trump had talked about building more of in his speech. This comedy literally writes itself.


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OC Politics & Bullsh*t Podcast Ep.6: End Of Year News Review

In this episode I break down and look at some of the most under reported or understated News stories that the Fake News Lamestream media has refused to cover accurately. 2017 shaped up to be one of the craziest years in modern politics most of us have ever witnessed and warrants a good look back and analysis going in to 2018.

These episodes are recorded in both audio and video formats so they are easily consumable. All episodes can be found on YouTube and available streaming in audio or as an MP3 download on SoundCloud. Enjoy

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#UnsealTheDeals: Both Parties Sacrifice Their Own To Cover Up 264 Sealed Settlements

As more victims of sexual misconduct at the hands of members of Congress step into the public to expose these degenerates, both the Democrats and Republicans are left scrambling attempting to contain the true heart of the story. Congress has paid out 17 million dollars to victims in 264 sealed settlements OF TAXPAYER MONEY! They are sacrificing their own left and right hoping to stop this story before it gets any worse.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and for once The Washington Post finally published an article worth reading exposing the 17 million dollar payments in 264 sealed settlements paid out by the Congress Office Of Compliance.

They also published this article concerning Congress playing by different rules than everyone else when it comes to Sexual Harassment 

With that being said, however, you don’t see other major media outlets picking up these stories and pushing them as hard as they are allegations against Judge Roy Moore.

I cannot think of one news outlet, except for maybe Infowars, Breitbart, and a few hosts on Fox News, that is actually going in on this massive story. This is literally one of the biggest ethics violation stories in the last 20 years and absolutely nobody will touch it with a ten-foot pole! The only people willing to dig into it is literally the Alternative Media and a handful of outlets. With all this being said I will for once give a shout out to Buzzfeed for publishing the original story with Mike Cernovich which put Democrat John Conyers on blast. You won’t see me giving credit to the leftist controlled media unless they actually do something worth mentioning so my hat goes off to Buzzfeed even though they did erroneously try to link the Pizzagate story to Mike Cernovich.

The media is going after individual cases but are missing the bigger issue, which is, that not only is Capitol Hill full of sexual degenerates but the American taxpayer has been forced to foot the bill for their misconduct. Where is the ethics committee on this? Why aren’t the social justice warriors and feminist bastions going after this story? Why are they only focusing on these individual cases?

I can give you the answer, and its that the majority of the 264 sealed settlements were paid out to protect Democrats.

Mike Cernovich put the call out for people to phone the congressional switchboard and demand that these settlements be unsealed.


Laura Ingraham covered this story on Fox News

If Roy Moore Should Step Out Of Senate Race, Al Franken Should Resign

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. The same Republican Establishment folks and Democrats that have been calling for Roy Moore to leave the senate race are the same people giving Al Franken the benefit of the doubt. The hypocrisy of these politicians is absolutely ridiculous. If Roy Moore should leave the senate race in Alabama, Al Franken should resign from public office don’t you think?

Allegations aimed at Roy Moore supposedly happened 40 years ago. Al Franken sexually harassed and assaulted a journalist in 2007, and we have photographic evidence.

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Flashback:Obama Stole From Mortgage Investors To Pay Subsidies To Insurace Companies While They Posted Record Profits 

Story complete with official treasury documents outlining how this was all done

On Aug. 17, 2012, the Obama administration finalized the amendment of the Treasury Department’s Senior Preferred Stock Agreements with Fannie and Freddie that deprived private and institutional investors of their legally due dividend payments.

This enabled the Obama Treasury Department to confiscate billions of dollars in Fannie and Freddie earnings, in what is known as the “Net Worth Sweep,” or NWS.

Yeah apparently I have to keep reminding people that this happened because the typical Liberal doesn’t think they only “feel” 

Drain The Swamp: Imran Awan Trial Could Torpedo The Entire Democratic Party

In light of recent revelations relating to the investigation of Imran Awan, it would appear that he may have been extorting Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Democratic Party and passing along sensitive information to the Muslim Brotherhood and may have been tied to the murder of DNC Leaker Seth Rich. Lets take a look at the facts.


In my estimation, Seth Rich was most likely murdered for attempting to expose the corruption inside the Democratic Party. Lets be real here, Julian Assange has stopped short of naming Seth Rich as the leaker of the DNC emails that Wikileaks published, even offering a reward for information on his killer.

I think that Awan may have tipped off Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Democrats that Seth Rich was the DNC Leaker and that he was murdered because of it.

Nobody finds it strange that these two are connected and that Seth Rich was with Awan the night that he was murdered?

Thanks to Wikileaks we know Democratic heavy weights like John Podesta are all for making examples out of leakers! Check out this email for yourself!


All of this information should be looked at carefully and considered when examining the mountain of information and developments surrounding the investigation and prosecution of Imran Awan. It appears to me that the DNC Leak, Seth Rich’s murder, Imran Awan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the rigging of the Democratic Primaries against Bernie Sanders, and the open corruption of the Democratic Party are all linked together.

The outcome of these investigations and cases will be a clear indicator of just how corrupt D.C. is. I sometimes wonder if Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be able to successfully expose and prosecute acting members of Congress along with a host of people connected to the DNC, this may just be the big “Drain The Swamp” moment we have all been waiting for.

I believe Imran Awan planted that laptop as an insurance policy against being the next victim of Clintoncide and that Seth Rich was murdered as a warning to any future leakers exposing the dark underbelly of the D.C. Swamp.


Bannon Leaves White House To Wage War On Trump’s Enemies 

“If there’s any confusion out there, let me clear it up: I’m leaving the White House and going to war for Trump against his opponents — on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America,” Bannon said Friday in an interview with Bloomberg News hours after his departure was announced by the administration.

Bloomberg Reports 

ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS! Call The White House And Let The President Know We Want McMaster FIRED!

Call the President

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

It has become apparent that those surrounding President Trump at the moment are working towards prematurely ending his Administration. All signs point to the fact that there is currently a soft-coup underway to unseat President Trump.

I am calling for all Trump supporters and voters to call the White House message line and leave a message for President Trump letting him know that we want General McMaster FIRED.

McMaster is working to isolate President Trump from his strongest supporters inside the administration.

Deep State coup rooting out patriots from White House

McMaster has also been caught communicating with and briefing George Soros, the known ring leader of the Globalist Coup of President Trump.

McMaster leaking intel to Soros almost daily, says high-level Israeli intelligence

It boggles the mind that people like McMaster haven’t been exposed as globalist shills before.

Did you know that McMaster was working with a George Soros funded think tank to promote the Iranian nuclear deal?


Am I the only one that finds it both strange and irresponsible to allow Susan Rice to maintain a security clearance even after she was exposed for her role in the Unmasking scandal?

National Security Advisor sharing secrets with Obama aide

It should be noted that H.R. McMaster attended the 2017 Bilderberg Meeting of Globalists

Bilderberg 2017 Meeting List of Attendees 

Bottom line, McMaster is a liability and needs to go, how long will he continue undermining President Trump?




McMaster Is A George Soros Operative, Organizing Coup Against President Trump


Roger Stone Jr. broke the story on Infowars confirming what most of us already believed about General McMaster. He is another globalist deep state pawn and he has to go.

McMaster is growing increasingly paranoid as journalists expose him as a King Leaker.


McMaster has been purging the National Security Council of Trump loyalists in a bid to isolate the President and control information that makes its way to the White House.

“Nerves Are On Edge”: McMaster Has Created “Poisonous Atmosphere” Inside National Security Council

I am calling for all President Trump’s supporters to call the White House and demand that President Trump fire and replace General McMaster

Call the President

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414