Q: Saudi Arabia, Botched Mueller Investigations, McCabe Meltdown, The Horrors Of Social Scores

Let’s take a look at some of today’s headlines with the Q Map in mind. Saudi Arabia falls in line with Trump, Mueller has a history of botched investigations, McCabe threatens to “Take Everyone Down With Me”, and China rolls out a new repressive form of control “Social Score”.

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In a perfect example of why we call the Mainstream Media “Fake News”, yesterday they hyper-focused on President Trump drinking Fiji water during a press conference and covered the Judge Roy Moore sexual impropriety allegations while completely ignoring huge news.

President Trump talked President Xi of China into releasing the 3 UCLA basketball players that were being held for shoplifting in China.

They ignored news that Senator Al Franken groped a journalist in her sleep (we have photographic proof!)


Ignored the fact that President Trump returned from his Asia tour with 300 billion dollars worth of trade deals and affirmation that China will help us with the North Korea situation.

They also ignored the latest round of Pedogate/Pizzagate/Hollywoodisrapey stories detailing that the LAPD has opened an investigation into elite pedophile rings in Hollywood thanks to Corey Feldman.



Trump’s Russia Tweets From APEC Trigger Verified SJW Doctor And Liberal Click Bait Fake News Propagandist

The Libtards have been in an uproar (what’s new), after President Trump was seen shaking hands with Vladimir Putin at this years APEC meeting. God forbid the leaders of the worlds super powers meet and have discussions on Geopolitical matters!

What really got these idiots in a frenzy was the Tweets President Trump dropped while in Vietnam.


This immediately triggered Libtards that have nothing better to do with their time than to go on twitter rampages on every single one of President Trump’s tweets. Some of these verified accounts wouldn’t have views unless they were attacking the President. Lets take a look at two of the most prominent frequently offended SJW’s.


Here we have SJW Twat Eugene Gu, MD. He somehow finds enough time in his, what I imagine should be a busy day, to Tweet attacks at every single Tweet President Trump posts. Claims he’s been blocked by President Trump, however if that was true he wouldn’t be able to see the President’s Tweets let alone reply to them lol.

Eugene Gu, MD (@eugenegu) _ Twitter

If he is blocked by President Trump, as this twat-waffle claims, how does he see Trump’s Tweets? Did Twitter give him some sort of special access to see and reply to Tweets even though he is banned? I don’t think so, I’m calling total BS on this.

Eugene Gu, MD (@eugenegu) _ Twitter (1)333

Now on his profile it says he is the President of Ganogen Inc., lets take a look at that Twitter account.

Ganogen (@Ganogen_Inc) _ Twitter2

This guy is constantly making claims that he has been targeted for harassment in his workplace, 90 percent of the time these types of claims from SJW’s are complete bullshit. Many times these mentally ill morons will fake supposed hate crimes to garner attention. They will literally say anything to make themselves look like victims because we all know the Left is obsessed with professional victim-hood.

This guy also claims he gets a ton of death threats from Trump Supporters, yet I have yet to see him post any real evidence of this.

I still can’t believe BBC had this asshole on T.V.

Just so you know he thinks anyone that voted for President Trump is a white supremacist, you know because apparently only white people voted for Trump. The ignorance is strong in this one.


The fun doesn’t stop there! We now move on to Bill Palmer and his “Palmer Report” Twitter account.

Palmer Report twitter page

This waste of viable sperm literally has built an entire “Honest Political Journalism” site of nothing but attacks on President Trump. Like literally every story is a hit piece on President Trump! I’m not kidding, check out the page for yourself .

Palmer Report

The Palmer Report is literally a complete waste of a domain name, 16 ARTICLES IN ONE DAY! ALL OF THEM ATTACKS ON THE PRESIDENT. 100 percent click bait every single time. Either this Bill Palmer and his staff of writers are obsessed with President Trump, to the point of mental illness, or someone is getting some of that David Brock “Shareblue” money.

Palmer Report 2

You see what I mean? I wasn’t kidding, the entire website is Liberal Trump Derangement Syndrome click bait. Every. Single. Post.

You know, I don’t go around claiming I am some unbiased professional journalist, I don’t try to hide the fact that I am right-leaning in my coverage of stories. Bill Palmer on the other hand sells himself as an honest political journalist when in fact he is another Leftist Propagandist making ad money from a click bait website.

I’m guessing he’s taking a play out of the CNN playbook and hoping that his constant attacks on President Trump might bring some SJW traffic to his rather sad website.

Which brings me back to President Trump’s Tweets and the marvelous Trolling that triggered these asshats to begin with.


I mean honestly, if President Trump was the “fascist” the Left has declared him to be, why would he be actively trying to engage China and Russia to seek a peaceful resolution to the North Korea situation? Wouldn’t he have started a war already? It’s not enough to send diplomats and hope they can hash something out, sometimes it is far more effective to meet with people face to face and have an open dialogue. That’s how you solve a problem without having to resort to military force. If Trump is a fascist, he is the worst fascist I have ever seen.


This particular Tweet made me laugh, mostly because I remember how much of an embarrassment it was!

Yeah, lets reset relations with Russia by claiming that they hacked our elections and then proceed to threaten them with military force over imaginary cyber attacks that never happened. Lets spend the bulk of 16 months attacking Russia and Vladimir Putin ad nauseum and pushing fake news talking points of “Trump-Russia Collusion” to cover up our own corruption. Yeah that was so cool.

War With North Korea A Very Real Possibility

As North Korea announces that it has successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb, the situation on the Korean peninsula is approaching the point of no return. Lets just recap some facts here.

China has warned North Korea that it will not come to its aid if it launches the first strike.

North Korea launched a missile over Japan to prove it can strike Guam.

North Korea has stepped up missile tests and has been launching tests every few weeks.

North Korea has 100,000 pieces of artillery aimed at Seoul, South Korea.

The United States has been running drills practicing using tactical nuclear weapons along the DMZ that separates North and South Korea in response to the nuclear threats coming from the North.

North Korea has plans to detonate a nuclear warhead over the West Coast of the United States causing a massive EMP blast that would collapse the entire electrical grid of the west coast.

North Korea is constantly defying China and the United Nations.

It is in my estimation that China has lost control over North Korea and that a war with the North is a very viable possibility.

President Trump is moving to put serious financial pressure on China.

China’s Trade With North Korea Raises Questions As U.S. Ambassador To China Prepares To Settle In

I’m guessing President Xi is keeping his word to President Trump that China would take a more hard-line stance with North Korea.

We all know that China hasn’t been buying Coal from North Korea, however Chinese customs are reporting that overall China is importing less goods from the hermit kingdom.

Chinese importation of North Korean goods fell 31% in May compared to the previous year.  ($123.75 Million)

March was even worse, North Korea saw a 51.7% drop in exports to China compared to the previous year. ($114.55 Million)

Chinese imports from North Korea have dropped almost 10% overall since January and will most likely continue to drop as long as Kim Jong-un defies calls for de-escalation with the United States and its Allies.

All these things sound great, however this is what I don’t understand, and I suspect may be a power play to try to influence North Korea.. Chinese exports to North Korea have risen 32% since May of last year. I’m guessing this is going to be used as leverage at some point.

I suspect that as the months go on, and President Trump’s Ambassador to China Terry Branstad settles in, we will see even more moves from China to clamp down on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

Apparently former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has known Chinese President Xi for a long time and the two men respect each other, Now that Branstad has been appointed Ambassador to China, we might see some real progress on the North Korean front.



China is Bitch Slapping North Korea

It appears that President Trump’s talks with President Xi of China have really paid off. China seems to be taking a much stronger stance on North Korea and it has Lil Kim in Pyongyang fuming.

Beijing is having doubts about renewing its 56 year mutual assistance treaty, while North Korea’s state-run news agency “Korean Central News Agency” is running statements saying that “China is disloyal” and says that China has crossed the “red line”.

The statements aired were disguised as comments by a private citizen of North Korea. They also included:

“will never beg for the maintenance of friendship with China, risking its nuclear program which is as precious as its own life, no matter how valuable the friendship is” Kim Chol

China has been intensifying its efforts to rein in North Korea by pushing for new sanctions while simultaneously attempting to set the stage for diplomatic talks.

In an effort to cut down on any money and illegal smuggling into North Korea, China has stepped up customs inspections of all cargo trucks entering and leaving North Korea. Typically only a small number of these trucks are inspected, going forward ALL cargo trucks will be inspected by customs agents.

Word is that the sentiment inside the Chinese government is pushing towards ending the Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty.

As I had previously predicted, President Donald Trump’s gamble on President Xi is absolutely paying off.

Image Credit: Stephan

Diplomats Around The Globe Consider Oil Embargo and Sanctions Against North Korea

As North Korea continues to provoke the United States and its allies and ignores warnings from China, diplomats are looking at placing an oil embargo on North Korea.

The Japan Times is reporting:

Japan, South Korea and the United States will accelerate efforts to press China to mull possible new sanctions, including an oil ban, if North Korea carries out another nuclear test or launches a long-range ballistic missile, several diplomats have said.

In addition to an oil embargo for the first time, other options in a new U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution could include measures such as globally banning the North’s national airline, Air Koryo, prohibiting North Korean workers from working abroad, completely restricting its coal exports and ending seafood exports.

Currently, coal export restrictions are in place. Beijing, as the largest importer, recently agreed to the further suspension of coal transfers with its neighbor.

In my opinion, this would be a very effective move against Kim Jong-un’s tyrannical regime.

The Trump administration along with the international community are pushing for China to clamp down even harder on North Korea as they account for 90 percent of Pyongyang’s trade.

The article by The Japan Times article also stated:

Beijing, which is North Korea’s primary economic and diplomatic benefactor, remains crucial to reining in the North’s nuclear ambitions although criticism has been directed at China for not fully implementing the measures that are in place.

“China is the key to making the sanctions effective,” one of the diplomats explained, questioning how serious China will be in backing such far-reaching sanctions measures.

The diplomat also said new sanctions will be imposed only if a sixth nuclear test or a successful intercontinental ballistic missile launch occurs. The latest launch, which apparently failed, took place Saturday morning.

What China needs to understand is that if they do not help the U.S. and its allies contain North Korea, they run the chance of Japan and South Korea fully deploying their own missile defense systems. Japan is currently looking at purchasing up to 6 THAAD anti missile platforms to defend the whole of Japan from the threat of North Korea. 

South Korea is currently protected by Patriot Missile Defense systems and Aegis missile cruisers which do have anti-missile capabilities. A THAAD missile defense platform is currently deployed in South Korea and is being calibrated and tested. Estimates are that the missile defense shield will be operational by May 9, 2017.

China has voiced opposition to the deployment of the THAAD missile defense system and its supporting state of the art next generation radar system in South Korea. They do not like the fact that this system is little over 500 miles away from Beijing.

Russia has joined China in opposing the deployment of THAAD on the Korean Peninsula, however both countries are downplaying the serious threat that is posed by a nuclear armed North Korea. The threat to Americas allies and American Forces in the region is very real. By 2020 North Korea will have the technical capabilities to strike the United States mainland.

I have been thoroughly covering the North Korean crisis, check out my other posts to learn more about whats going on. Many of these stories are not covered by the American Press.

U.S. and China at odds over failed North Korean Missile Test

U.S. Missile Defense Shield Deployed To South Korea As Regional Tensions Rise: A Detailed Analysis

Forces That Shape Military Options in Korea – Interesting Read

Lil Kim Is Still Playing With Fire

China flaunts its mighty missiles on state TV as Beijing urges North Korea to give up its nuclear ambitions amid growing military tension.

Could North Korea Be The Flash Point For WW3?


Image Credit: cometstarmoon



U.S. and China at odds over failed North Korean Missile Test

Saturday morning North Korea launched another failed missile tests just days after the 85th anniversary of the founding of the North Korean Army. This happened less than 24 hours after Beijing urged North Korea to stop escalating tensions.

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement:

“North Korea fired an unidentified missile from a site in the vicinity of Pukchang in Pyeongannam-do (South Pyeongan Province) in the northeastern direction at around 5:30 a.m today,”

“It is estimated to have failed.”

Additional provocations are expected by allied forces in South Korea.

North Korea is ignoring advice from China. China Warns North Korea Not to ‘Cross Point of No Return’ with Nuclear Test

The missiles being tested have the capability of carrying a nuclear payload. This latest failed test shows that North Korea is still having reliability issues with its latest weapons platform.

The THAAD Missile Defense system is currently being set up and deployed and should be operational in a few days.

President Donald Trump tweeted out a response to North Korea’s missile test:

President Trump is playing up to China’s ego, putting them on notice that he expects them to take some action against North Korea’s latest provocation.

If China does nothing in the face of North Korea’s defiance, they will appear weak in the eyes of the international community.

Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson had this to say:

The Chinese government has stressed that no one country can solve the North Korean problem.

Conservative Journalist Jack Posobiec tweeted out:


Lets just hope Lil Kim doesn’t force President Trump’s hand.

At the end of the day, when it comes to science you learn more from failures than you do from success. When it comes to rockets and missiles, every failure teaches North Korean scientists and engineers what NOT to do.

“We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success. We often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do; and probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery” ― Samuel Smiles, The Lives Of George And Robert Stephenson


U.S. Missile Defense Shield Deployed To South Korea As Regional Tensions Rise: A Detailed Analysis

As tensions continue to rise on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea has demonstrated its willingness to strike South Korea and Japan with Nuclear Weapons.

To protect our allies and our forces currently safeguarding South Korea, the Pentagon has deployed the THAAD Missile Defense System.

Take a look at this bad boy

The truth is that this is just one component of the actual missile defense capability employed in South Korea. The military is using a sophisticated defense grid made up of special radar, the THAAD missile system, the Patriot missile system, along with Aegis Cruisers and airborne radar and electronic espionage aircraft.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they started flying one of those nifty 747 mounted anti-missile/ICBM laser cannon over Seoul soon. (Yes those exist)

The Mainstream Media has gone out of its way to over hype the range and capability of North Korean missiles. At current development projections the North Koreans wouldn’t be reading to TEST fire a missile that would reach the United States until 2020.

The current arsenal employed by North Korea, is certainly dangerous in the short to medium range. They can be outfitted with chemical and biological warheads. I’m not so sure that North Korea has the technical capability to produce warheads for short or medium range missiles. They do however have the capability to produce warheads for their long-range missiles although the reliability of the long range arsenal is questionable.

What this means is that the North Korean missiles pose a direct threat to Seoul, one of the most populated cities in the world, and to the American troops defending South Korea. THAAD deployment along side existing missile defense capabilities in the Korean theater was a smart move.

The Japanese Navy has joined the American Armada and is backing the United States actions in the region.

You’d think that South Koreans would be happy that we are deploying the most advanced missile defense system in the world to defend them against the North, however that is not the case.

“About 8,000 police officers were mobilized, and the main road leading up to the site in the country’s southeast was blocked earlier Wednesday, Yonhap reported. About 200 residents and protesters rallied against THAAD in front of a local community center, with some hurling plastic water bottles.” – Protests as U.S. anti-missile system aimed at N. Korea installed

Many of the protesters claim that the THAAD system will cause tensions between South Korea and China, and that it will most likely provoke North Korea into more extreme shows of force. Chinese intelligence is currently on the ground in South Korea fanning the flames of these protests. THAAD and its related radar systems have the capability of tracking Chinese military movements. China has already begun its economic warfare against South Korea’s tourist industry in response to the deployment.

China would rather not have the most advanced radar and missile defense system of the United States parked 591 miles from Beijing.

Russia has also expressed concerns over the deployment of THAAD as they share a border with North Korea. The Russians are deploying troops to their border with North Korea to try to prevent a refugee wave in the event that war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula.

China has agreed to help the United States deal with the North Koreans and have taken serious steps to put pressure on Kim Jong-un to stop its policy of threatening its neighbors with chemical and nuclear weapons.


In my opinion, I believe that Kim Jong-un will do everything and anything to hold on to power. He is capable of launching both nuclear and chemical attacks on South Korea and American Forces in the region and is crazy enough to launch a preemptive strike on Seoul if he feels an American invasion is imminent.

This situation could possibly spin out of control, which is why ramping up Missile Defense in South Korea is both a smart move, and a necessary one.

In coming weeks we will see how effective China will be in helping the United States find a peaceful resolution to the situation on the Korean Peninsula. China has stated recently that it is willing to strike North Korea on its own if they threaten China’s economic bottom line.

Here are some links that shine a light into the complexity of the Korean dilemma

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Preemptive Strike On The Table If North Korea reached for the nuclear trigger

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China stops buying Coal from North Korea, starts buying from US

China flaunts missiles on state TV as Beijing urges North Korea to give up its Nukes

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Satellite Images Show Activity At North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site

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Could North Korea be the flash point for WW3?

Will Trump make a deal with China on North Korea?







Important Headlines To Follow

Here we are back with this weeks collection of interesting and important headlines that the mainstream media will most likely either ignore or falsely report on! Check out these links!

OPERATION GOTHAM SHIELD: U.S. GOV’T TO “SIMULATE NUKE BLAST OVER MANHATTAN” AS ACTUAL WAR NEARS This is an important continuity of government exercise that we should all be watching closely. Chances are it will go off without a hitch but we should be wary of the deep state as they have been pushing the need for a civil emergency to trigger continuity of government protocols and remove President Trump from the presidency.

North Korean hackers have stolen 94 million dollars from 104 banks in 30 countries. They are hurting for funds as international sanctions strangle their economic resources. This is a testament to the fact that economic sanctions do in fact have an impact. Reclusive countries like North Korea are more likely to feel the effects of embargo’s and sanctions because they have far fewer trade partners in the region.

As the U.S. Deploys the highly sophisticated THAAD Missile Defense System in South Korea, President Trump is also pushing for more sanctions against North Korea and an increase attempt at diplomacy.

The Chinese newspaper “China’s Peoples Daily” published an Op-Ed piece stating that word is that U.S. – China relations are moving in the right direction. They are expressing optimism that our countries will be able to have stronger economic and diplomatic ties.





Rise of Chinese Extremists fighting in Syria raises concerns at home


BEIRUT // Many don’t speak Arabic and their role in Syria is little known to the outside world, but the Chinese fighters of the Turkistan Islamic Party in Syria are organised, battled-hardened and have been instrumental in ground offensives against president Bashar Al Assad’s forces in the country’s northern regions.

Thousands of Chinese militants have come to Syria since the country’s war began in March 2011 to fight against government forces and their allies. Some have joined Jabhat Fatah Al Sham, the group that was known as Jabhat Al Nusra before it announced it was separating from Al Qaeda. Others paid allegiance to ISIL and a smaller number joined factions such as the ultraconservative Ahrar Al Sham.

But the majority of Chinese extremists are with the Turkistan Islamic Party in Syria, whose vast majority are Chinese Muslims, particularly those from the Turkic-speaking Uighur majority native to China’s Xinjiang region. Their growing role in Syria has resulted in increased cooperation between Syrian and Chinese intelligence agencies who fear those same militants could one day return home and cause trouble there.


Image Credit: Times Asi