Could North Korea Be The Flash Point For WW3?

Alternative Media and Citizen Journalists across the web are in a storm over the latest developments on the Korean peninsula.

North Korea test fired another missile on April 5th, 2017 ahead of the meeting between Chinese President Xi and President Donald Trump.

Strong language has been coming from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson over the last few days warning that a preemptive military strike on North Korea’s nuclear facilities was not off the table. As news on North Korea’s latest missile test broke, Rex Tillerson was quoted as saying,

“The United States has spoken enough about North Korea. We have no further comment.”

What most people don’t understand is that the Korean War actually never ended. Although there was an armistice between U.S. and North Korean forces, no peace treaty was ever really signed.

This armistice signaled the end of hostilities in the Korean peninsula until a final peace agreement could be found and it established the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). Negotiators could not agree on conditions for top commanders to sign the armistice together in person, so the document was signed on July 27, 1953, by two delegates: U.S. Army Lieutenant General William Harrison, representing the United Nations Command, and North Korean General Nam Il, representing both the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army and the Commander of the Chinese People’s Volunteers. Copies of the agreement were signed separately by UN General Mark W. Clark, Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army Kim Il Sung, and Commander of the Chinese People’s Volunteers Peng Dehuai.

Several times, North Korea has stated that it no longer recognizes the armistice, in 1994, 1996, 2003, 2006, 2009, and 2013.

Korean War Armistice Agreement – CFR Official Website


This is all happening amid rising tensions between China and its U.S. allied neighbors. China has been taking aggressive stances towards South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. This coupled with threats from North Korea has triggered the U.S. to take steps to safeguard its allies in the region.

If North Korea strikes South Korea or Japan, the U.S. will retaliate. China won’t sit by with its fingers crossed, they will get involved.

Report: Increased Chinese and Russian Military Cooperation Threatens U.S. Interests

China threatens American B-1 bomber flying off South Korea: Stand off as Beijing claims US aircraft violated its ‘defense zone’ – March 23, 2017

Japan to train US Marine Corps-style troops as China threatens ‘SEVERE’ attack – March 28, 2017

China promises ‘firm response’ if Japan interferes in South China Sea – March 16, 2017

U.S. Starts Deploying Thaad Antimissile System in South Korea, After North’s Tests – March 6, 2017

As Leaders Argue, South Korea Finds China Is No Longer an Easy Sell – March 8, 2016

Japan Has Ambitious Plans To Be Asia’s Next Superpower, Thanks To China – March 22, 2017

China threatens Japan against joining U.S. Freedom of Navigation mission – August 22, 2016

New Chinese missile capable of threatening US, Japan bases in Asia makes latest appearance in drills – February 6, 2017

China ‘aims 1,500 missiles at US military bases’ as war boss threatens to ‘SHOOT’ enemies – March 21, 2017

China threatens to block Taiwan’s international space after legislators visit India – February 18, 2017

This is just a small sampling of news stories showcasing the kind of situation that is developing in the Asian theater.

My Perspective On A Russia-China Alliance


This all reminds me of the time period leading up to World War 1. Although the players are different, the geopolitical implications and signals are very similar.

China is seeking to become the preeminent global power and there are rumors that they are working with Russia to undermine the western run globalist factions.

We have leadership here in the United States that is priming the pump for war with Russia. They claim that Russia rigged our elections and have stood behind allegations that President Trump is an agent of Vladimir Putin while ignoring the looming Chinese threat.

Instead of seeking to improve relations with Russia, both the Democratic and Republican establishments have looked to scapegoat Russia with the purpose of covering up their own corruption and criminal activities. The globalist deep state within our own government attempted to hack the 2016 Presidential Election to secure a Hillary Clinton victory and still failed. It was agents inside our own intelligence services that leaked information to Wikileaks however it is Russia that is taking the blame for the coup and counter-coup that we saw unfold.

If this continues and we do not change our attitude on how we deal with Russia, there is a real risk that we could be pushing them into a military and economic partnership with China. Although the governments of both nations have disdain for each other, and would actively like to see each other fall, both understand that they have the potential to undermine the western globalists and their agenda and are increasingly looking to the United States as an enemy.

“The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend”

The economic and military power of an allegiance between Russia and China would be enormous and formidable. They would more than likely threaten open warfare with the West and would feel as if they had the sufficient strength to begin acting aggressively. Russia would most likely seek to unify with its former Soviet Satellite States, and China would probably feel comfortable invading Taiwan or intensifying its military push into the South China Sea, possibly even attempting an invasion of Japan.

A North Korean strike on South Korea, or Japan would immediately reignite the war between the North Koreans and the United States. It would be open warfare.

I fear that with current circumstances as they are, preemptive military action against North Korea could literally spawn open hostilities between the United States and China. If China strikes one of our allies in retaliation it would warrant a military response from American forces and would trigger a conventional or thermonuclear war. Russia would find itself free to act on the European continent as the U.S. and NATO would be occupied with China and North Korea.

The United States and their allies do not have the manpower and equipment to fight a war on so many fronts.

The West is not currently equipped to deal with such a threat.


Image Credit: Stefan Krasowski 






Political Pedophilia – An open source investigation — OffGuardian

the Corbett Report explores how the alternative media can help shape the open source investigation into the practice of political pedophilia, and expose the real perpetrators. As more and more information surfaces on both sides of the Atlantic about the pedophilia rings operating in the highest echelons of political, business and entertainment circles, even the […]

via Political Pedophilia – An open source investigation — OffGuardian


Original Article from Jerome Corsi of INFOWARS

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Soros-funded Fight for the Future (FFTF) is leading the charge to demonize President Trump over signing legislation to cancel the FCC’s Internet privacy rule. 

FFTF’s Campaign Director, Evan Greer, is an LGBT activist with an extensive radical past, including working to free a convicted terrorist before joining FFTF.

“Fight for the Future is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 whose mission is to ensure that the web continues to hold freedom of expression and creativity at its core,” the group proclaims on its website. “We seek to expand the internet’s transformative power for good, to preserve and enhance its capacity to enrich and empower.”

“We envision a world where everyone can access the internet affordably, free of interference or censorship and with full privacy.”

How possibly could anyone disagree?


Avoid Data Collection And Censorship With These Tools And Websites

Tech Giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are collecting large caches of user surfing habits and meta data. This helps them tailor marketing campaigns towards their users, but is also extremely profitable when sold to 3rd party advertisers.

The truth is though, this information may not always be secure and hackers could potentially use this type of data to infiltrate personal computers and home and business IT networks.

If you are concerned about your privacy on the web, here are some simple tools you can use to help stop the collection of your metadata.

Secure Gmail Alternatives

  • SCRYPTmail: Easy to use free email service that is encrypted end-to-end as is based in the U.S.
  • ProtonMail: Offers free and paid email services, end-to-end encryption, based in Switzerland.
  • VFEmail: Secure encrypted Email Service since 2001


Google Search Alternatives

  • DuckDuckGo: privately search the web, “bang” feature lets you search thousands of websites at once for products privately.
  • StartPage: strips any identifying information from your searches through Google.


Secure and Private Web Browsers

  • Brave: The Brave browser automatically blocks ads and trackers, making it faster and safer than your current browser.
  • Vivaldi: Offers secure browsing.
  • Waterfox: Firefox based 64-bit browser with no data collection.


YouTube Alternatives

Now I am promoting these sites as YouTube Alternatives for viewers but for the sake of disclosure I am not sure how their monetize features rate for content producers.


FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit Alternatives

  • This one happens to be one of my personal favorites. Largely crowd sourced and offers free and premium accounts. Zero censorship, its become a haven for free speech.
  • Diaspora: Still in its infancy, another crowd sourced alternative. This social media platform has tremendous potential. It borrows features from some of the larger social media companies and offers cross-platform connectivity with Facebook.
  • Minds: Fun platform, currently in beta stage but offering robust features already. Allows for content producers to monetize their personal feeds and makes earning and buying points for promotion very easy.
  • Seems almost identical to Reddit.
  • Here we have a Facebook competitor that is privacy conscious.


Remember folks, the tech giants only exist because we choose to use their platforms. The best and easiest way to show them that we will no longer consent to the loss of privacy and free speech is to find and use alternatives to their platforms. There are plenty of developers out there that want to return to the era of a truly free internet and its up to us, the consumers, to support them.

If you like these sites and tools, consider donating or buying premium accounts. Many of them do not host ads and rely solely on donations.


Image Credit: g4ll4is




GOOGLE Quietly Silencing the Alternative Media While Pushing To Become “Internet Police”

A large movement of Independent, Libertarian, Right Wing, and Truth Movement crowd funded content creators, who also depend on Google Adsense revenues, has organically formed on YouTube and it has a massive following. The “Alternative Media”.

The arrogance of the Mainstream Media and the Globalists during and after the 2016 Presidential Election only helped to propel this movement forward. A large portion of the MSM’s viewership turned away by media bias, and those who already consume most of their news online, gravitated directly to Alternative Media.

Since about Barack Obama’s second term, and reaching a crescendo during the 2016 Presidential Election its viewership, listenership, and readership has expanded formidably and now rivals that of the Mainstream Media.

This has the Globalists in a complete panic as they are watching the ratings of their propaganda machine dwindle while the ratings of people with video editing software and an internet connection, a smart phone, or a webcam are exploding.

In a push to create a corporate policing entity over free speech on the internet, tech giant Google has implemented new measures for dealing with the rapid growth of Alternative Media.

Content creators all across the spectrum of alternative media are seeing their viewership numbers and Adsense revenue drop literally over night. Google has been quietly using shadowy tactics.

  • Removal of Anti-Globalist related search terms from Google and Youtube search
  • Removing of videos from the “Trending Feed”, or prevent videos from trending.
  • Thousands of subscribers to popular alternative media YouTube channels are reporting that their subscribed channel notifications are being turned off on their favorite channels.
  • Thousands of content creators are reporting video, website, and blog demonetization overnight.
  • YouTube claims they violated “TOS”, or claim that the topic of the content is considered “not advertiser friendly”.
  • Several prominent content creators are reporting their AdSense or AdRoll accounts are terminated without proper explanation and no ability to overturn the decision.

The Mainstream Media however is not being limited in any way even though they are covering the very same “Sensitive Material” as some of these YouTube channels. Google is attempting to prop up the Mainstream Media’s ratings and revenue both on T.V. and Online while simultaneously becoming the overseer of the Internet.

Google is pushing forward to become the internet police force for the Globalists, squashing their opposition in hopes of stifling the Populist/Nationalist movement from continuing to spread globally which threatens their agenda to finish installing a technocratic corporate global government.



Popular search engine accused of running cover for presidential nominee



Google launches “CrossCheck” in France to censor pro-Le Pen news



For Google’s Data Wars, It All Comes Down to Location


Tech giant wants its puppets placed inside FCC

The Internet’s largest ad network won’t support sites that show what happened at Abu Ghraib—but company reps say they’re only enforcing the rules.

News Corp chief: Orwellian algorithms of Google and Facebook put us on ‘slippery slope of censorship’

Is Google Censoring Search Results To Protect Hillary?

Google to Allow ‘Brand Safety’ Monitoring by Outside Firms, Alphabet unit offers new tools to marketers after ads ran alongside objectionable content


Photo Credit: feliperivera

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CIA Good-Old Boys: Secret Teams (Podcast) A Historical Perspective

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President Trump On Manufacturing, Trade, Judge Gorsuch, And China Meeting. Weekly Address 3-31-17

President Trump Makes an Announcement with the National Association of Manufacturers


Remarks by President Trump

Today, I am signing two executive orders that send this message loud and clear and that set the stage for a great revival of American manufacturing.  And you saw that today; you saw what happened, you saw the kind of numbers we have.  The survey actually showed 93 percent of manufacturers are now optimistic about the future — a record high — and that’s up from about 56 percent just a couple of months ago.  We’re going to build on that tremendous momentum.  We’re bringing manufacturing and jobs back to our country.

First, I’m signing an executive order to ensure that we fully collect all duties imposed on foreign importers that cheat.  They’re cheaters.  From now on, those who break the rules will face the consequences — and they’ll be very severe consequences.

This will create an influx of revenue and also level the playing field with foreign competitors.

Second, I am ordering the first-ever comprehensive review of America’s trade deficits and all violations of trade rules that harm the United States and the workers of the United States, just as I promised during my campaign.

President Trump reiterates his commitment to help the common American Worker.

We’re going to investigate all trade abuses, and, based on those findings, we will take necessary and lawful action to end those many abuses.  I am not beholden to any political or financial interest.  I don’t care.  I’m here to do a job.  I’m doing a job for the American worker.  I really don’t care.  I’m not thinking about my business or anybody’s business.  Wilbur isn’t.  Peter isn’t.  None of the folks that we have up here are.  We’re doing a job.  It’s an opportunity like nobody has ever given.  And we’re here to do a great job for the American worker and for our companies where the American workers are employed.

That’s why I defied the special interests and followed through on my pledge to withdraw immediately from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  And that’s why I am taking these very historic steps today.  The wellbeing of America and the American worker is my North Star.  And these two orders will point out our nation, and point to everybody, point to the world.  Next week, as you know, in Florida, the Southern White House, we’re having the President of China and a large group from China as representatives.  And we’re going to get down to some very serious business.  So we look forward to it.  I’ve spoken to him numerous times on the phone.  We look very much forward to it.  But it’s been very bad what’s been happening to our country in terms of our companies and in terms of our jobs.  So we’re going to start turning it around.  We’re going to turn it around fast; it’s not going to take a long time.  It’s going to go fast.

Remarks by President Trump et al. at Signing of Trade Executive Orders

Remarks by President Trump in Listening Session with the National Association of Manufacturers

Remarks by the Vice President to Dynalab Inc, Reynoldsburg, OH

Featured Image Credit: Gage Skidmore


Image Credit: Republic of Korea

The truth is that North Korea’s biggest ally is China, this has been the case since the Korean War when Chinese troops flooded the country to help combat American forces. Since that time China has become North Korea’s biggest source of energy, weapons, and food. China is North Korea’s main trading partner making up about 70 percent of North Korea’s trade equaling 6.86 billion dollars in 2014.China-NKTrade_table_Update1

This means that if the United States wants to take any non-military action against North Korea, the best bet would be to get China on board. In an attempt to avoid an all out war with North Korea that could see the decimation of Seoul, South Korea, President Trump is seeking to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Presidential Summit at President Trumps Mar-a-Lago resort on April 6th and 7th 2017.

The Chinese have supported sanctions against North Korea in the past when they tested nuclear weapons in defiance of China’s opposition to the North Korean nuclear program.

China has stated that aggressively harsh financial actions against North Korea could cause a collapse of the regime and trigger another devastating famine and a refugee crisis.

In my estimation, China is looking out for its own interest as they share a border with North Korea and any possible regime collapse would more than likely cause a massive influx of North Korean refugees into China. China has reinforced its border with North Korea over the decades as they already house an estimated 200,000 refugees. Kim Jong-un has also increased security around the border with China to prevent more of his people from escaping.

At this point North Korea’s tyrannical personality cult government has become a threat not only to its neighbors but to global stability. North Korea’s erratic behavior also threatens trade between Asian nations and China.  There is the possibility that a major conflict in the region would affect some of China’s most profitable trade routes. North Korea has a habit of instigating its neighbors with its missile tests. Estimates are that North Korea would have the capability to strike the American West Coast by 2020. They already have the capability to hit South Korea and Japan with conventional weapons.

I believe President Trump will have the opportunity to reach an agreement with China that could potentially help ease tensions in the region, I do believe military action is only considered a final option. He is going to have to offer China something valuable in my opinion, for the Chinese to play ball and help us deal with the threat. What that could potentially be is up in the air but I am sure that China’s military fortress man made islands in the South China Sea will most likely be a topic that is brought up during President Trump’s meeting with the Chinese President. I also foresee Trump using trade with China as a bargaining chip when it comes to dealing with North Korea.

There are a lot of questions, but here are some things we do know.

  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with China on March 19, 2017 and is skipping a meeting with NATO to be present at the Mar-a-Lago summit.
  • China ran Special Forces training drills along the border with North Korea.
  • Tillerson has motioned that military force is not off the table.
  • Estimates show North Korea will have nuclear strike capability on the western coast of the United States by 2020.
  • Without China, North Korea’s tyrannical regime would collapse
  • China has supported sanctions against North Korea in the past and has urged North Korea to halt nuclear testing.
  • China has agreed to invest in American Industry.
  • President Trump is always looking to make mutually beneficial deals.
  • U.S. has Aegis Missile Cruisers just off the coast of North Korea.
  • South Korea is looking to change its relationship with North Korea after impeachment of their President.

In short, I expect that President Trump will reach an agreement with China that sees North Korea losing some of its support from China in exchange for Trump rolling back talk of Tariffs on Chinese goods entering the United States. Although both countries are communist, North Korea still maintains a distrust of China which has led to some military and economic tension between the two countries. American unilateral action on North Korea would have an impact on China’s trade routes and impact the surrounding countries of Asia. The fact that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be present for the Presidential Summit in Mar-a-Lago gives me the impression that some of these details were discussed during his trip to China and that the meeting between President Xi and President Trump will be to reassure China that the U.S. is willing to partner with them if the deals are mutually beneficial. This could be a really good thing for both countries in the long run and it would show positive foreign policy results from the Trump Administration. It would show the international community that although America will return to a policy position of “peace through strength”, it will always seek the most mutually beneficial and realistic options possible.

Trump presses China on North Korea ahead of Xi talks

Trump ready to address North Korea nuclear program with or without China

Trump Inherits a Secret Cyberwar Against North Korean Missiles

Amid tensions, China and North Korea inaugurate new charter flight

How China could stop a US strike on North Korea — without starting World War III

China in Special Ops show of force to North Korea as troops deployed to border

China’s foreign minister calls on North Korea to halt missile tests

The halting of coal imports suggests Beijing can no longer stomach Kim Jong-un’s erratic behaviour, even at the risk of losing a buffer against US interests in Asia

North Korea test fires seven surface-to-air missiles – South Korea -March 13, 2015

China Is Bigger Threat to U.S. than Russia

Image Credit: Times Asi

The Chinese Threat IS REAL. Many mainstream media commentators and on air personalities would love to dispute this fact however those of us in the Alternative Media, and citizen journalists, have been following these developments for a long time and see the writing on the wall. China looks to replace the United States as the Worlds Leading Super Power at any cost. They are currently using CYBER WAR, Technological and Industrial Espionage, Censorship, Investment, Cultural Subversion, and Military Build Ups to position themselves as the leading Hegemonic World Super Power. The Mainstream Media however would like you to think that Americas biggest threat is RUSSIA…

YouTube and Google have tried to suppress this video several times, have limited traffic to it, and demonetized it. One of the main reasons I decided to leave YouTube and Google platforms was the overt censorship. Not only did they limit how many viewers saw ads, after a few days THEY COMPLETELY DEMONETIZED THE VIDEO. They limited the reach and made it hard to find in search. This video was averaging several hundred plays a day until YouTube gave it the shaft.

Will be hosting my videos on here soon. Stay tuned.



#RUSSIAGATE: Wikileaks Marble Framework Raises Serious Questions

On March 31st 2017, WIKILEAKS revealed the CIA’s Marble Framework in its latest Vault 7 Project release. The average person might think to themselves, “So what, they released more CIA documents.”, but what they are failing to see is that it completely crushes the “Russia Hacked The US Election” narrative being pitched by agents of the deep state and the globalist run mainstream media.

“Marble is used to hamper forensic investigators and anti-virus companies from attributing viruses, trojans and hacking attacks to the CIA.” 

“”[D]esigned to allow for flexible and easy-to-use obfuscation” as “string obfuscation algorithms (especially those that are unique) are often used to link malware to a specific developer or development shop.” Wikileaks Framework

For those of you that don’t understand what that means, the CIA can use marble framework to make cyber attacks, trojans, and viruses look like they are coming from anywhere, even if they are being done or deployed by the CIA ITSELF!

Did they CIA fake cyber attacks and then blame them on the Russians? Is it impossible to determine this given the understanding we have of the vault 7 documents? Has the CIA overstepped its mandate?

“By the end of 2016, the CIA’s hacking division, which formally falls under the agency’s Center for Cyber Intelligence (CCI), had over 5000 registered users and had produced more than a thousand hacking systems, trojans, viruses, and other “weaponized” malware. Such is the scale of the CIA’s undertaking that by 2016, its hackers had utilized more code than that used to run Facebook. The CIA had created, in effect, its “own NSA” with even less accountability and without publicly answering the question as to whether such a massive budgetary spend on duplicating the capacities of a rival agency could be justified.” – Wikileaks

The Senate Intelligence Committee will probably ignore this release unless the press starts heavily reporting on it, however the chances of the globalist run mainstream media accurately reporting on this massive revelation is slim to none. As with other wikileaks releases they’ll just focus on how the information was acquired as opposed to what the information actually contains.

The Mainstream Media will still deny the rigging of Primaries against Bernie Sanders even though the information is in the DNCLeak emails. Instead they claim Russia hacked the DNC and ignore the fact that former DNC IT specialist Seth Rich was a “Bernie Bro” and was pissed when he discovered this rigging. He released the documents to wikileaks and paid for it with his life. Julian Assange himself offered a reward of 20,000 dollars to anybody that could give any information on Seth Rich’s killers.

The MSM will never report on that because it would expose the inner workings of the Democratic Establishment which just so happens to be owned and run by the same people that run the Mainstream Media.

I think you should probably think about this following quote long and hard, and ask yourself “Could these hacks be coming from anywhere?”.

Recently, the CIA lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal including malware, viruses, trojans, weaponized “zero day” exploits, malware remote control systems and associated documentation. This extraordinary collection, which amounts to more than several hundred million lines of code, gives its possessor the entire hacking capacity of the CIA. The archive appears to have been circulated among former U.S. government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner, one of whom has provided WikiLeaks with portions of the archive. – Wikileaks


Image Credit: Office of Naval Research

The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), on March 30th 2017, live streamed a panel discussion predicting that artificial intelligence and industrial automation would create massive middle class job losses and would require governments create massive welfare systems for the “under-employed” work force.

Essentially this push would usher in a system of social control wherein all means of production are owned my a close knit group of corporate overlords in partnership with government oligarchs completely ending “Upward Mobility” and pushing everyone in to the lower class. This would force the average citizen in to a welfare system meant to control and stifle unregulated innovation and prosperity.

Panelists begin discussing the issues at about 10 minutes into the video.

Automation will play a major roll in the creation of a technocratic corporate global government. This may be news to you, however most globalist talking heads and affiliated scientists have been pushing this idea for a few years now.

Stephen Hawking: Automation and AI is going to decimate middle class jobs – December 2016

47% Of All Jobs Will Be Automated By 2034, And ‘No Government Is Prepared’ Says Economist – January 2014

This agenda is being actively pushed by the globalist run Mainstream Media.

OUR AUTOMATED FUTURE. How long will it be before you lose your job to a robot? – December 2016

ASSOCIATED PRESS TO DEPLOY “ROBOT REPORTERS” Software automates short stories for the AP in roughly the same amount of time it would take human reporters to write – July 2014

Meanwhile most publications are failing to mention that these equal distribution “Super-Welfare” programs will serve to enslave the population.

“Super-Welfare” Guaranteed Income For All Isn’t a Solution–It’s Just the New Serfdom – November 2015


Globalist darling Elon Musk advocates for a Universal Basic Income in response to lost jobs due to automation and artificial intelligence. 

Canadian globalist pawn Dr. James Mulvale, Dean of Social Work for the University of Manitoba openly advocates for a Universal Basic Income. It is pitched as a great way to reduce poverty when in actuality it will create a new slave class which will be at the mercy of the government and the corporate elite.

As I have stated many times in the past, Automation and A.I. will be used to consolidate control and power over the average person and will facilitate the implementation of systems that will be used to launch a break away civilization led by the globalist elite. Soon you will see a major push for state sponsored population control.







Racial Divide, Economic Warfare, And Globalism’s Push To Cement Control Over The United States.

When former President Barack Obama took office, the majority of America felt as if we had finally really become a “post racial” society. There was a sincere feeling of solidarity in the country and most people had bought into the idea of “hope and change” that had been so well pitched by former President Obama. What nobody had expected was that Obama and the Democratic Party in conjunction with the Globalists had already formulated a plan to push identity politics in an attempt to consolidate their political power over the country.

The Globalists had set out to collapse the United States of America and turn it into a vassal of a larger global hegemonic technocratic corporate global government. These plans had been in place for a long time, almost a century, and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had been picked in advance as the faces of the real change the globalists were looking to enact.


During the heated Democratic Primaries of the 2008 Presidential Election, a secret deal between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Bilderberg group had been reached that would see Barack Obama serving two terms unopposed by the Democratic Establishment with the promise that Hillary Clinton would be elected President in 2016. The Bilderberg group had determined that Barack Obama was both the more charismatic of the two, and that Hillary Clinton could be defeated by a stronger Republican Candidate. It was agreed that Hillary Clinton would be made Secretary Of State, furthering her credentials for a 2016 Presidential bid and that Barack Obama would endorse her and push her as the only logical choice for the office of President.

During this time John McCain had been chosen by the Republican Wing of the Shadow Government to run against Barack Obama, while simultaneously attempting to destroy and demonize the grass root movement that had been gaining steam and had chosen Ron Paul as its leader. While elevating Barack Obama politically through mainstream media propaganda they turned that same apparatus against Ron Paul and worked to completely stifle his Presidential aspirations.

Ron Paul had been running on a solidly libertarian platform and was considered by many of his supporters as the only candidate that made any sense. The decision to rig the Republican Primary system against him was made and the mainstream media began pulling back on coverage of the movement he had become the leader of. This culminated with then candidate Barack Obama labeling the entire movement in Middle America as “bitter clingers”.

Carney Dodges On Obama’s “Bitter Clingers” Remark, Says Obama Is Fighting For All Americans

The mainstream media did nothing to hold Obama accountable for his remarks and just like that it was business as usual. The irony of the situation is that during the 2016 Presidential Election it was both the “Bitter Clingers” and the majority of voting districts that had voted for Barack Obama giving him two terms would end up feeling betrayed BY HIS ADMINISTRATION and would end up voting President Donald Trump into office.

During both of Obama’s terms, the ground work for a destabilizing civil war based on racial division and socioeconomic hardship was being laid. The mainstream media began to focus on identity politics and put an emphasis on projecting a sense of systemic racism on to the American psyche. An intense psychological warfare campaign was started as Obama moved forward with the Globalist plan to shut down the American engine of economic prosperity. While attempting to trigger a downward financial spiral, Obama also made sure to make every case of questionable police use of force a racial issue. The mainstream media made sure to do its part in quantifying that narrative and promoting it on an unwitting American Public.

Obama On Race Relations: 5 Moments When The President Has Spoken On Race

How Obama has turned back the clock on race relations

Obama calls for persistence in confronting ‘deeply rooted’ racism

Ferguson, Missouri should be looked at as a perfect case of a tragedy being used as a political tool to foment a feeling of Racial Divide in the country. While we had former President Obama pitching this “prejudice in the justice system” narrative we also saw globalist financier George Soros pouring money in to Black Lives Matter and other movements of professional agitators while the Mainstream Media pushed the narrative on the American People.

To this day we are still feeling the effects of the tensions created by the Ferguson incident.

The truth is that among Black and Hispanic youth, this narrative has taken root and is literally creating an entire generation of people that feel like victims to a racially oppressive system. Also, White People have had racial guilt pushed on them and some feel threatened by the situation. The Mainstream Media and Hollywood along with the music industry have done their part in pushing an “Anti-White” narrative that has planted itself firmly in the minds of millions of people.


‘Black people can’t be racist,’ students tell ‘white people’

Dear White People: Get A Grip

‘Dear White People’ trailer sparks backlash as Netflix faces claims of racism

“Scientific racism” is on the rise on the right. But it’s been lurking there for years.

‘You don’t get to tell other people what racism is!’: MSNBC panel on Spicer and April Ryan goes nuts


“Be ready to write checks and give up your car keys”


There is no short supply of racially divisive rhetoric on campuses, in the mainstream media, and in entertainment. This has all been funded by and organized by the globalists to create the proper conditions to spark another civil war in the United States. The main goal is to collapse the nation and turn it into the military branch of a unified corporate technocratic global government.

This is the real reason that so much effort has been put into calling anybody that challenges their narratives as “Racist” and “Xenophobic”. This is the real reason why President Trump and his appointees have been labeled racists and why the globalist are so hell bent on taking him down at any expense. They know that President Trump truly wants to unify the country and would like for our society to move past racial division. The only way they can successfully carry out their agenda is if President Trump fails.

Continuity of Government protocols are being activated as senior leadership inside the intelligence community and military industrial complex move to orchestrate a coup on President Trump. If they are successful I believe this could be the spark that pushes race relations over the edge as they simultaneously implode the stock market. We are seeing a full fledged assault on the Trump market surge while the Mainstream Media continues to intensify its push to divide the country even further along racial lines.

Rewriting the Rules of Presidential Succession,A project begun after 9/11 assumes new urgency after the 2016 election—creating a more sensible plan for what happens when a chief executive steps aside.

How to remove Trump from office

Byron York: 25th Amendment chatter: Dems, pundits mull ways to remove Trump

US Congress could remove Donald Trump from office without impeaching the President

In the meantime they are also attacking the “Trump Effect” market surge attempting to force an economic crisis. They are trying to destroy the renewed investor confidence that was ushered in with the new administration.

Dow and S&P post first 1% fall in 5 months as banks tumble, health care reform worries remain

Will the stock market crash? Why are the American stocks falling? 

Trump’s health-care defeat pushes stocks lower

Even the Foreign Press, which is also owned and operated by the globalists, is attempting to drive down confidence in the Trump Economy. They do not care that they also stand to make a large profit with these gains the market, however they are only interested in control over the markets and over the world. They don’t care if they stand to make more money under President Trump they would rather stifle growth so they can remain in control. They have an agenda that is anti-prosperity and they will stop at nothing to push it forward.

Dow posts longest losing streak since 2011 as ‘Trump trade’ falters – as it happened – The Guardian

Trump slump: Dollar sinks to four-month low and Dow Jones heads for longest losing streak since 2011 on reflation trade doubts – The Telegraph

There is no “Trump Slump” if anything there has been a massive surge since his Inauguration on January 20th 2017. We have seen major gains in all stock indexes that rival the Reagan Recovery of the 1980’s!! President Donald Trump is literally delivering or attempting to delivery on every promise he made during the campaign. He has created more jobs and foreign investment into American jobs in his first 60 days than any other President before him.


It is going to be up to us, The American People, to counter this push that is currently unfolding before our very eyes. The Election of President Trump was only the beginning of the war against a One World Government and now is the time for us to push back against the Globalist Agenda. All across the world we are seeing a similar playbook being rolled out with certain variables changing. The United States is literally the last bastion of Independence and Freedom and if it completely falls to the globalist plot the entire world will follow in a never before seen domino effect.

We must begin to reach out to our fellow American’s and work towards healing the racial divide that has been artificially widened while urging the President to put hand cuffs on some of these globalist billionaires helping orchestrate the downfall of the Republic.

Mark my words, if we do not take action to reverse the course we are on we will see either an assassination or some sort of false flag that triggers continuity of government protocols and collapses the economy pushing the country into the perfect storm required for the globalist cabal to cement its hold over the United States.


Trump’s Law & Order: Massive Crackdown on Human Trafficking And Pedophile Networks Nationwide

Since President Trump’s inauguration on January 20th, there has been a spike in Child Trafficking and Pedophile ring busts around the country. This has been a major topic being probed my independent investigators after strange pedophile code was found in a number of John Podesta’s leaked emails revealed by Wikileaks.

Here is a list of articles highlighting some of these busts

474 Arrested, 28 Sexually Exploited Children Rescued During Statewide Human Trafficking Operation: LASD

38 Jailed in Human Trafficking Undercover Operation, More than 100 were arrested across the area, with 38 men jailed in San Diego County alone

Police said they had rescued 28 children, some of whom had been reported missing, and also 27 adults who had been coerced into prostitution.

TBI Announces 42 Arrests In Human Trafficking Operation


Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media will not even cover these stories, only local affiliates have been reporting on these major arrests and crackdowns.


Jeffrey Sandusky, son of convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Sandusky charged with raping and molesting children. Should be noted that Jeffrey Sandusky is connected to John Podesta and Tony Podesta and Dennis Hastert.

11 arrested across VA in child sex sting

10 arrested in Cumberland County undercover human trafficking sting


Any normal human being would and should be happy to see so many arrests and crackdowns of these vile and disgusting pieces of human filth, NOT THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA THOUGH!

2 children saved, 22 people arrested for human trafficking during Detroit auto show

Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Stings Lead to Largest Bust Yet

The list of arrests and crackdowns is literally growing by the day. Yet not a single headline by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post… It is truly sickening to see that these stories are going completely under-reported.

Utah Attorney General’s Office busts human trafficking ring

Lincoln police arrested nine people as part of a nationwide effort against prostitution and human trafficking.

The list literally seems to go on forever. This is a positive development and I think we can all sleep better at night knowing these people are off the streets.

This is nothing new, there have been several high profile stings across the globe over the last few months and some startling stories coming out across the world of Elite Pedophile Sex Rings. Here are some articles and videos highlighting these stories.

Pedophilia Scandal Sends Shock Waves Through U.K. Soccer

Massive pedophile ring uncovered by police in Norway after arrest of 51 men

How Thatcher’s Government Covered Up a VIP Pedophile Ring

Sir Edward Heath WAS a paedophile, says police chief: Astonishing claim is made that the former PM is guilty of vile crimes ‘covered up by the Establishment

British police smash global pedophile ring, arrest 700 people; 31 children rescued

These networks need to be shut down! There is a long history of Elite Sex Slavery and Pedophile rings. Intelligence agencies like to use pedophilia as a means of blackmailing elites. Some of the links provided are archived websites from the early 2000’s as most of these stories have been wiped from the internet. (I Wonder Why???)

‘World’s largest paedophile ring’ uncovered

Australian police unearth global pedophile ring

Woman judge ‘ran sex ring that killed boy aged five’

Outrage after trial hears how man begged to be locked away for life but was given his freedom within three years

Britons held over ‘Royal sex ring

Ex-Minister held in child sex ring case

Party chief called to testify in Lisbon child sex scandal

Portugal’s elite linked to paedophile ring

The United Nations and NATO are not exempt.

Sex and Drugs at the UN

Nato force ‘feeds Kosovo sex trade’

American firm in Bosnia sex trade row poised to win MoD contract

U.N. adds new cases of sex abuse

Woman sacked for revealing UN links with sex trade

Child sex claim rocks Cabinet

The list continues seemingly forever. There is no short supply of scandal after scandal that has for the most part been forgotten by the general public. I could literally spend hours cataloging these links.

FBI to reopen case against sex offender friend of Prince Andrew: Duke may be forced to claim diplomatic immunity to avoid questioning

So the next time someone calls you a conspiracy theorist for wanting answers about PizzaGate and other major pedophile networks you can go ahead and show them this article or some of the articles I’ve linked and promptly tell them to fuck off.


Elite Pedophilia Rings Are Out There

Jon Rappoport's Blog


By Jon Rappoport

August 13, 2012

Graham Spanier, former Penn State president who, according to the Freeh report, helped cover up Jerry Sandusky’s pedophile crimes, turns up with a federal-government job so secret no one can talk about it.

Spanier’s lawyer, Peter Vaira, tells the Washington Post he doesn’t know what the job is or which agency Spanier is working for. The job involves part-time consulting on national security issues.

Spanier claims he obtained a security clearance from the feds during his tenure as Penn State president, and after he was fired, federal investigators checked him out and decided to maintain that clearance.

In other words, because Spanier kept his mouth shut about Sandusky’s crimes against children, this proved he was no snitch and the government could trust him to keep its secrets, too?

The NY Times has reported on a…

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