Hello, my name is Ramses Reyes and I’m glad you’ve decided to drop into the about page.

I built the bulk of my Twitter and Facebook following during the Great Meme War of 2016.

Groups of Patriotic Americans took up the mantle to support a candidate we actually believed in! We battled both misguided yet well meaning “Average Joe” Liberal Democrats and The real deal Clinton Campaign and George Soros Funded HillBots ferociously across the web, cataloging our victories along the way.

We came, We Trolled, We WON! 

No Politician was safe, regardless of party affiliation. A NeoConservative RINO (Republican In Name Only) could get thrown to the wolves in a heartbeat the same as any of the corrupt Democrat Establishment Politician.

This had all begun around the tail end of my run with “The Our Troubled Times Podcast” which I co-hosted with my close friend and singer for the band “George Orwell The Musical”, Jay Henehan. (There are a few episodes linked at the bottom of this post if you’d like to hear some of those old episodes the information is still pertinent)

I loved doing that Podcast, Jay and I did so much research for those episodes. It was a common scene to see a spread of books with yellow notepad paper stuffed between the pages full of notes and ideas for the episodes across the table while we recorded in the middle of the night! That was where I really learned how to investigate topics.

I have always had an interest in the way the world works. I love History, Politics, Geo-Politics, and Conspiracy Analysis.

The Orwellian Chronicle sprang out of The Our Troubled Times Podcast. After a solid run and 50 some odd podcast episodes we decided that between personal issues we were both having in our lives and other commitments we would put the Podcast on ice.

I continued the research that I had begun during the Podcast through The Orwellian Chronicle. I eventually started making videos to post on Facebook and YouTube and decided to host my own Blog and Website. If you have seen any of my posts it is not hard to tell that I support President Donald J. Trump and I support Making America Great Again, I also stand with the Great Men and Women of the US Military that work tirelessly to ensure that our shared goal of Restoring and Maintaining the Republic and the Constitution in perpetuity.

If anybody in Military Intelligence ever sees this page (Where We Go One We Go All).

Here are some of the Podcast Episodes I mentioned above.

Hope you Enjoy!

Episode 34 The Good Old Boys- Secret Teams

Episode 29 The Grand Chessboard- Ukraine

Episode 25 The Good Old Boys- Mk Ultra and Trauma-Based Mind Control

Episode 7 The Grand Chessboard-Syria