QResearch: Foiled Assassination Attempt & Electromagnetic Mind Control

As President Trump was preparing to travel to Pennsylvania for a rally, Kate Mazzochetti, a self-identified QAnon follower foiled a would be Assassin’s plans.

Jeffrey Boyd of Tulsa, Oklahoma, planned to assassinate President Donald Trump at the Wilkes Barre Trump Rally in Pennsylvania.

Which totally explains why you did not see any attendees holding any homemade signs, in particular, no QAnon signs at the August 2nd, 2018 rally. It also explains why there were no Q posts leading up to the event.

Which led me to this post on Reddit:


Not sure how true the reply to that post is, although I’d like to think the Secret Service would say something like that, QAnon has made it apparent that 10 or fewer people, 3 of which are not military, know The Plan. Might they know there is some kind of operation going on? Absolutely! Do I think they know the details? No.

Q replied later on the boards:


It’s kinda cool to know that Q-Team actually reads our posts. It does, however, highlight the fact that we are locked in a very high stakes game of Risk. Only instead of trying to dominate the world, we are trying to liberate it. America is Ground Zero in the War against the CABAL.

Q then reposted another Anon:



Which makes complete sense if there is a security threat ongoing.

Now the thing that really made this whole story really interesting for me is what Kate Mazzochetti has to say about her experience with the would-be-assassin Jeffrey Boyd. She claims that the man tracked her down after conversing on Twitter. The woman believes that he used old photos she had posted on social media to acquire information on her identity and address. The man unexpectedly showed up at her house, which both shocked and startled her and set off her creeper alarm. She did not let him enter her house, however, she did agree to meet him at a local coffee shop. That is when things get even crazier.

I’m about to cover something that at first is going to seem very tinfoil hat, but trust me it is going to all make sense at the end. Now I’m just speculating here, but I think I may have made some connections that are worth mentioning.

“The woman says that Boyd told her over lunch that the CIA is doing tests on him which caused him to hear voices telling him to do harm. Boyd was arrested later that day in the parking lot of a grocery store. Authorities said they found a gun and ammunition in his car. He is being held on a $1 million bond.”

CIA? Or Rogue Deep State Splinter Cell? Yes, I understand that there are many people out there with mental illnesses. Yes, I understand that there are people out there that purport to be “Targeted Individuals” and I know that to the average person that sounds insane and far-fetched. That somehow technology exists that would allow someone to control the thoughts and actions, however, when secret mind control program documents make their way into the public it will make you think real hard about what is possible.

Now, remember, project MKULTRA was declassified decades ago. Remember, the CIA supposedly destroyed all related documents in hopes of avoiding class action lawsuits from former mind control experiment victims. The majority will tell you that it was not voluntary.

With that being said, it is not so far-fetched to believe that there is a possibility that Rogue Deep State actors with access to this kind of information and technology are using it on people who most likely already have a mental illness to ramp them up and do crazy drastic things. You know, like planning to assassinate a sitting President.

These images seem to point to some kind of directed energy weapon system, Remember, this was received by a journalist as part of an FOIA request.

Exhibit A:


Any of those possible listed effects sound familiar to you?

Exhibit B:


This diagram breaks down how the system basically works. They figured out frequencies and methods to manipulate a person remotely. That’s pretty crazy! Remember folk’s THIS CAME FROM A FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST!! You can download this file yourself.


Why is this relevant?

Remember the man who shot himself in the head in front of the White House back in March of 2018?

Man fatally shoots himself in front of White House


Now while the man never told anyone around him he was under any kind of mind control, I specifically remember QAnon Posts 832-833:


This right here is the first thing that came to mind when I saw the report of a foiled assassination plot against President Trump. The man was saying he was hearing voices, being directed by the CIA (most likely Rogue Deep State cell) to kill President Trump. You have Psycho-Electronic Warfare weapon related documents released in FOIA requests by Journalists, and QAnon pointing us in that direction. Q tells us that the Mockingbird Fake News Mainstream Media is creating emotional conflicts that are destabilizing people with pre-existing mental health issues that make them more susceptible to outside control. He also lets us know that we only see a fraction of what is really going on.


The effects of the Mockingbird Fake News Mainstream Media has already been felt. Let us not forget that the MSM’s treasonous Fake News motivated James Hodgkinson to go on a shooting spree at a practice for the Congressional Baseball Game. 

The fact is, that whether there are some individuals being targeted with bio-electromagnetic weapons or not, the Mockingbird Mainstream Media has been pushing Fake News narratives with the purpose of dividing the country and propping up the entire Russiagate canard. They carelessly fear monger and want the American people at each other’s necks. An unstable person with paranoid schizophrenia that may not be receiving the proper mental health care might just pick up a gun and start shooting at Republican lawmakers, the President, or innocent civilians.

In my personal opinion, I am convinced that advanced mind control techniques not only exist but are being used by Rogue Deep State actors to carry out assassination attempts and mass shootings. Go ahead and look back at the rash of mass shootings over the last 2 years and then look for HUGE news breaking within the 24-hour news cycle around it. Every single time they are in a panic and need to change the narrative they employ false flag tactics.

I’m going to leave you with two QAnon posts to think about.



Here is the original ZIP File received through FOIA Request by Muckrock – EM_effects_on_human_body

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