A Message For The Vigilant Patriot: Your Community Needs You


2018 = 1776

My friends and subscribers today I am coming to you with a small request that I think will do a lot of good in the days and weeks ahead.

I want you to start gauging the people close to you. Start making a mental list of those who would be most psychologically impacted by what is coming. The average person does not know what we know, they do not understand the truths that we have discovered that have been obfuscated over the decades. There are criminal elements inside our government that care only to profit as they sell out their country.

How many good honest and misguided people do you know that would be psychologically devastated watching members of the Cabal thrown in jail?

I ask this because we are going to have to help those people heal after they learn that everything they believed in their entire adult lives was based on a lie.

How will the average person react to the knowledge that every major war of the 20th and 21st century could have been completely prevented by deposing the forces of evil inside our country?

There are going to be a lot of misinformed people who will react violently when the Cabal is detained and hauled off to GITMO. We are going to have to heal our own communities when this is all said and done. You should really reach out to these people now and start trying to soften the blow by red pilling them before critical mass is reached. It is going to be up to us to usher in the change we want to see. This won’t cost you a dime and you would be doing your country a favor.


At the end of the day, we are all Americans and we are going to have to heal our nation. Realize that we have been held hostage to the vilest, evil, heartless, Godless, corrupt government the world has ever seen. Evil people have profited greatly on the backs of our great fighting men and women. The great bounties of this nation are being squandered by a tightly knit group of Luciferians.


We must end this.

We will not go quietly into the night.

Many of us will not rest until the globalists are dead or serving life sentences for their crimes against Humanity.

The fate of our Great Nation and the World rests squarely on the shoulders of Patriots willing to do what is right in the eyes of God to defeat the Luciferian Technocratic Corporate Global Government.

Realize that this is a Global movement of Patriots that has assembled from many nations under one banner.

We Are Going To Destroy The Cabal.


#WWG1WGA #TheStormIsHere #TheStormIsUS


Here are some red pills to hand out!

Red Pill Stash



One thought on “A Message For The Vigilant Patriot: Your Community Needs You

  1. Ramses
    I find few women that have not drunk the Hillary Kool Aid. Men seem to be more behind Trump. From the standpoint of wanting truth and justice, most would not be able to tolerate the coming iconoclasm. Thats why dun ford let 0 stay in office from Nov 2013 when he took over (for all intents and purposes).

    Also, please do not forget about the other laptops and servers that were seized from Huma’s relatives in Wisconsin. There was a swat raid. It was mentioned in news for a day or two.

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