QAnon: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Social Media Giants Connected To Intelligence Community And A.I. (The_Bridge)


Globalists controlled minions have coveted control over the vast technical resources of the intelligence community. They say it is for our protection and National Security but it has been abused by those who were supposed to safeguard it. Their Day of Reckoning is fast approaching because the Patriots have taken over and the people are behind them. President Trump has given us the momentum necessary to assist actions from the civilian side.

I trust The Plan.

So when Q sent us off looking into Google.. I kinda started digging into Artificial Intelligence and it’s R&D. Remember those videos I made talking about the CIA docs? Well, here they are.


I found these documents on the C_A’s own FOIA Reading Room website. These are sanitized in some places apparently, they just white it out now instead of that beautiful bold black sharpie we had all grown accustomed to.





I wonder what the documentation was that Craig Cook presented. I tried to get more information on this Craig Cook but just kept coming up empty-handed. I’m figuring he’s a spook, most likely a fake name considering the sender’s name is “sanitized”.

Now, this next document is very interesting. I will highlight the juiciest stuff so that you don’t have to go digging through the PDF (I know a fair amount of my readers are on smartphones so I’ll try to make this a little more convenient). Let’s hope the aspect ratios work out lol




You see this particular document is from 1982! So when someone tells me that I am crazy for believing all this stuff I just refer back to FOIA documents linked directly to the CIA’s own FOIA document reading room. I know that there is some speculation about what I am covering here but I also have documentation that backs up the fact that this partnership has been long-standing and that nobody should be surprised. This is how all those funky backdoors that hackers keep finding in the code or architecture of used and distributed platforms got there in the first place. Zero Day Exploits. Refer back to my coverage of INSLAW, PROMIS software.. why did Journalist Danny Casolaro get suicided in traditional government contractor fashion? The Q drops are literally monumental. I keep finding new puzzle pieces every single day on what we already have!

Classified Artificial Intelligence Labs connected to select Universities and private companies. Interesting stuff.


I have a feeling this last one may not look right on mobile devices so I will transcribe it for you:

Current efforts to establish classified, in-house AI laboratories such as those in CIA_ORD and ETL should be encouraged and expanded with additional funds. The special research-user relationships needed to develop applied AI support to operations argues for several distributed facilities as opposed to a centralized approach. Quality Government laboratory facilities will not only provide the computing resources necessary to conduct AI research and development but will also provide a mechanism for training Government personnel and attracting competent researchers from the universities and private industry. While recognizing the special security and privacy needs of each of the agencies, consideration should nonetheless be given to the electronic networking of selected Community AI research facilities to further the exchange of knowledge and information in the field. Recent advances in network security and compartmented dissemination substantially reduce the risks associated with such interconnections.

Arpanet.. lol the original internet. Doesn’t this remind you of that 80’s movie “War Games” that involved such a facility? The movie came out in 1983, the same year this particular document was published. The Terminator franchise was launched in 1984!
Let’s continue:


In addition to in-house facilities for developing classified AI applications, the Community could also benefit from an unclassified facility which is connected electronically to other unclassified AI research centers outside the Community. Such a connection most likely would be via the existing ARPAnet which already connects most of the AI research centers in the U.S. The IC unclassified AI facility could be operated under contract following models established by DARPA such as the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California. This facility could be used to cut down on Government commercial software development costs by providing Government-furnished computer time to contractors in an environment similar to the classified environment into which the operational system must eventually be placed.

Please feel free to download the PDF yourself I’ve provided the links. I could potentially spend hours just covering this one document but I won’t.

It is amazing the kind of information you can find on the government’s own websites!

Oh, and if you dig through Wikileaks for AI you will find strange emails like this

WikiLeaks - The Podesta Emails-AI_FB_Plans

Doesn’t that seem just a little odd to anyone? Why would a partnership between Facebook and an artificial intelligence open source group affect any possible election plans for the DNC going into 2016? It should be noted that I had to dig that article out of the way back machine because it has been wiped from the New York Times Archive. 

Then you find gems like this one on the web from publications like Business Insider that I can’t be called a conspiracy theorist for sharing lol

25 Cutting Edge Firms Funded By The CIA

It’s all to ensure that the Agency remains on the forefront of tech. Not long ago, In-Q-Tel invested heavily in a company called Keyhole. Never heard of them? Maybe you know their work, a little project eventually known as Google Earth.

On a side note, I also find it interesting that IN-Q-TEL is researching synthetic biology while my former colleague was ridiculed for interviewing researchers in the fields of synthetic biology and Morgellons disease.

Facebook has its own AI Research wing. 

Facebook Artificial Intelligence researchers seek to understand and develop systems with human-level intelligence by advancing the longer-term academic problems surrounding AI. Our research covers the full spectrum of topics related to AI, and to deriving knowledge from data: theory, algorithms, applications, software infrastructure and hardware infrastructure. Long-term objectives of understanding intelligence and building intelligent machines are bold and ambitious, and we know that making significant progress towards AI can’t be done in isolation. That’s why we actively engage with the research community through publications, open source software, participation in technical conferences and workshops, and collaborations with colleagues in academia.

Trust me when I tell you that these systems are connected to the Intelligence Community. I keep stressing the fact that this is being weaponized against us.

Facebook has had some issues keeping its AI’s in line already, check this out:

Facebook abandoned an experiment after two artificially intelligent programs appeared to be chatting to each other in a strange language only they understood.

The two chatbots came to create their own changes to English that made it easier for them to work – but which remained mysterious to the humans that supposedly look after them.

Facebook is really pioneering web censorship of free speech. Who gets to deem posts as extremist? Is there an appeal process? How many of us have been hit with 12 and 30-day suspensions? Weaponized Artificial Intelligence. I love how they claim that it will help weed out gruesome content and things that violate TOS, however, there is a massive network of child pornography and snuff film secret Facebook groups that go largely unpoliced that have existed for quite some time. 

You gotta love when SF Gate labels the alternative media as “conspiracy videos” and label us Extremists. Bro, do you see conservatives out there starting riots? I’ll wait. This article does, however, highlight the biases if you know how to read between the lines. YouTube has received a fully functional suite of Artificial Intelligence programs directly from its parent company Google. I battled those godforsaken adbots for over a year simply for my support of President Trump.

The vast majority of videos removed from YouTube toward the end of last year for violating the site’s content guidelines had first been detected by machines instead of humans, the Google-owned company said this week.

YouTube said it took down 8.28 million videos during the fourth quarter of 2017, and about 80 percent of those videos had initially been flagged by artificially intelligent computer systems.

The new data highlighted the significant role machines — not just users, government agencies and other organizations — are taking in policing the service as it faces increased scrutiny over the spread of conspiracy videos, fake news and violent content from extremist organizations.

Then we have this:

Pentagon ramps up artificial intelligence efforts

The Pentagon has reached out to companies like Google for help connecting the military to the AI world. Under an initiative called Project Maven, the Defense Department and the Air Force are funding the development of AI algorithms to analyze drones’ live video stream. Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, chairs the Defense Innovation Board. The panel of private sector and government adviser has been hugely influential in raising awareness within the Pentagon of the capabilities of AI.

Google never gives it up, they are creating and deploying AI’s left and right to handle a host of issues! Read this and tell me this doesn’t sound like it will be abused:

Google RankBrain is the current leader. The rollout of RankBrain began in 2015. It is a search engine system that uses artificial intelligence to create more relevant responses to search engine queries. Previously, Google’s focus had been on algorithms designed by humans.

It took time, but RankBrain slowly started to replace the use of algorithm-based technologies. Today, it is the prevailing search engine technology, and it is changing everything.

It isn’t bad enough that they control the video sharing platform on which you are most likely to have your free speech violated but then they want to control the search engine optimization that most smart content producers use to drive traffic to their sites. Google controls the indexing of most of the surface web we know because of its search engine.

Microsoft also has a robust AI Research division. If these intelligence communities AI partnerships have existed since the 1980’s I find it hard to believe that Microsoft doesn’t have its hands on more than its advertising. After all, Microsoft was at the heart of the technological revolution.

It would seem that by 1986-1987 the C_A and others had created a partnership for training agents in Artificial Intelligence through Carnegie-Melon University.



This particular document is a request for training at Carnegie-Melon University.

Like I said, I am convinced this was one of the meanings Q had for “The Bridge”. A tightly controlled group comprised of the Intelligence Community, Tech Giants, Academia, and the DOD, some of the tools that they devised for intelligence gathering are being abused by social media companies and internet giants like Google to censor the web and violate users Free Speech. We can only stipulate as to what other nefarious uses the Globalists have found for the A.I.’s they have been quietly funding and developing.






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