Laughing At Liberals Reacting To President Trump’s State Of The Union Speech (Video)

Watch and partake in the hilarity with me. The Democratic Party is in shambles, is about to be exposed for their corruption along with the Deep State, and have absolutely no substantive message.

We are winning this war to save the Republic. What a time to be alive

Here are some memes for your enjoyment.


It shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Democrat Establishment does not give a damn about the American People.


Schumer looked like a super villain that entire speech, I got a healthy laugh out of that.


Nancy Pelosi literally looked like she was pre embalmed while sucking on the most sour object on the planet.


“Sloppy Joe” Kennedy III could not stop drooling while he gave his rebuttal to the State Of The Union Address. Funny thing is he did it at a tech school (vocational school), the exact kind of school President Trump had talked about building more of in his speech. This comedy literally writes itself.


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