Paper: Obama administration TWISTED, LEAKED sensitive intelligence for POLITICAL gain; got CIA agents KILLED

(National SentinelDeath Sentence: In a lengthy investigative report for the Washington Times on Thursday, correspondents Guy Taylor and Dan Boylan wrote that President Obama and his administration had a dangerous habit of leaking “sensitive secret intelligence” to the media, and in at least one instance it likely got several CIA agents killed.

Here are some relevant excerpts from the lengthy report:

For years, a clandestine U.S. intelligence team had tracked a man they knew was high in the leadership of al Qaeda — an operative some believed had a hand in plotting the gruesome 2009 suicide attack in Afghanistan that killed seven CIA officers […]

Abdullah al-Shami, it turned out, was an American citizen, and President Obama and his national security advisers were torn over whether the benefits of killing him would outweigh the political and civil liberties backlash that was sure to follow. […]

Suspicion that the Obama White House intentionally leaked the unmasked names has…

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