#UnsealTheDeals: Both Parties Sacrifice Their Own To Cover Up 264 Sealed Settlements

As more victims of sexual misconduct at the hands of members of Congress step into the public to expose these degenerates, both the Democrats and Republicans are left scrambling attempting to contain the true heart of the story. Congress has paid out 17 million dollars to victims in 264 sealed settlements OF TAXPAYER MONEY! They are sacrificing their own left and right hoping to stop this story before it gets any worse.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and for once The Washington Post finally published an article worth reading exposing the 17 million dollar payments in 264 sealed settlements paid out by the Congress Office Of Compliance.

They also published this article concerning Congress playing by different rules than everyone else when it comes to Sexual Harassment 

With that being said, however, you don’t see other major media outlets picking up these stories and pushing them as hard as they are allegations against Judge Roy Moore.

I cannot think of one news outlet, except for maybe Infowars, Breitbart, and a few hosts on Fox News, that is actually going in on this massive story. This is literally one of the biggest ethics violation stories in the last 20 years and absolutely nobody will touch it with a ten-foot pole! The only people willing to dig into it is literally the Alternative Media and a handful of outlets. With all this being said I will for once give a shout out to Buzzfeed for publishing the original story with Mike Cernovich which put Democrat John Conyers on blast. You won’t see me giving credit to the leftist controlled media unless they actually do something worth mentioning so my hat goes off to Buzzfeed even though they did erroneously try to link the Pizzagate story to Mike Cernovich.

The media is going after individual cases but are missing the bigger issue, which is, that not only is Capitol Hill full of sexual degenerates but the American taxpayer has been forced to foot the bill for their misconduct. Where is the ethics committee on this? Why aren’t the social justice warriors and feminist bastions going after this story? Why are they only focusing on these individual cases?

I can give you the answer, and its that the majority of the 264 sealed settlements were paid out to protect Democrats.

Mike Cernovich put the call out for people to phone the congressional switchboard and demand that these settlements be unsealed.


Laura Ingraham covered this story on Fox News


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