Washington Post Rigging Polls Against Roy Moore, Just Like They Did To Trump

The majority of voters in the state of Alabama do not believe the allegations made against Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore.

Roy Moore is enjoying a comfortable lead against the Democratic Late Term Abortion loving Doug Jones.

This however has not stopped the Washington Post from attempting to dismay Republican voters and sway independent and undecided voters by using “Fake Polls” to show Doug Jones pulling ahead

Washington Post Poll of Alabama Senate Race Oversamples Democrats

“A new Washington Post poll of likely voters in the Alabama U.S. Senate race that shows liberal Democrat Doug Jones with a three-point lead over conservative Republican Roy Moore, 50 percent to 47 percent, was based on a methodology that includes a oversampling of Democrat voters.”

Kind of reminds me of the same oversampling techniques they used against President Trump during the 2016 Presidential Race.

The Washington Post is owned and operated by Leftists hell-bent on destroying the Trump Administration and anyone that is willing to work with President Trump. It’s painfully clear to the majority of voters in Alabama.

Stopping Roy Moore means robbing Trump of Senate votes.. Everyone knows now.

You Globalists lost, I know how hard that must be to deal with.. Drink cyanide.

I remember WaPo publishing ABC “Polls” that had Hillary Clinton at 47% and President Trump at 43%…. 

You know, more oversampled polls..

You remember this GEM from Politico??

How did everyone get it so wrong?
Polls and predictive models failed to predict Trump’s strength.

“Trump had notched hugely significant upset victories in Florida, North Carolina and Wisconsin — critical swing states where almost every public poll and most private projections had shown Clinton ahead.

The Republican nominee’s surprisingly strong performance, which left the race on a razor’s edge at the publication of this story, seemed to at least partly validate his claims that many polls “just put out phony numbers.”

And it left pollsters and operatives struggling to explain how everyone had been so far off.”

LOL I wish I could have seen the faces of these “pollsters and operatives”, however they knew the numbers were cooked they were just hoping they could get enough voter fraud in there to sway the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

I explicitly remember her having a hard time filling a gym with 200 people, meanwhile President Trump was filling 10,000-12,000 people into arenas for his Rallies.

It does not surprise me that the same kind of thing is going on with Roy Moore and the Alabama Senate Race.


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