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It’s time for a long, hard look at the situation everyone whose politics opposes grown men peeing with little girls in schools, opening our borders to terrorist cults who despise our values, or subsidizing illegals who break the law faces on social media today.

Since President Trump announced he would run for President, social media has thrown barrier after barrier to his supporters as he inched closer and closer to victory.  Probably an unrecognized turning point was the Milo-Leslie Jones fight.  Like or dislike Milo, the bottom line is that Leslie broke Twitter rules by flatly encouraging her supporters to attack an account, but it was Milo who received a lifetime ban, while poor Leslie Jones was just a victim of “racism.”

Twitter followed up on their actions against Milo by then targeting other accounts, such as Ricky Vaughn, and there was plenty of anger directed against Twitter for it. …

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