CUNY Professor Tweets: Being White and Having a Family is White Supremacy

Is it just me, or does it seem as if universities and colleges around the country are hiring professors with extremely radical views? We have seen hundreds of stories detailing the insane ramblings of self-loathing white liberal professors, but this one here takes the cake.

So according to Professor Jessie Daniels of the City University of New York, being white and having a family, and wanting the best for your children is now a form of systemic white supremacy. Yes, you actually read that right. According to this twat waffle, merely being white and having a family unit is racist.


People are actually paying this lady to teach them about Sociology. If you are currently a student that had to sit through this lady’s class I truly feel bad for you, see if you can get a refund.


I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact this lady is actively teaching university students.

So if you are White, Moonbat Jessie over here wants you to disown your children, give away your money and home, because if you don’t you are a filthy racist and reproducing inequality.

Because the logical solution to problems is to blame an entire race of people.

Anybody else notice that as time goes on the Liberal Left is adopting Hitlerian thought processes? They claim to be against Nazi’s and Fascism as they continue to adopt ideas that are mirror images of Hitler’s “Final Solution”


So what have we just learned? That this professor promotes Marxist and Feminist views that are largely responsible for the social shit storm we now find in American society.

Universities and Colleges across the country are indoctrinating entire generations to become Social Justice Warrior Cucks. They are pushing narratives that work to both widen the racial divide, and create a break down in social cohesion.

They are promoting racism against White People while claiming that it’s being done to fight Racism. On its face, that seems absolutely ludicrous, but when the end goal is to divide the American People while creating a sufficient Marxist population to overthrow the political system and install a socialist/communist government here in the United States, it makes perfect sense.

The same 60’s era Communist Radicals that were trying to cause a revolution in this country so they could install a Marxist Regime, are now teaching your children. This is madness.


3 thoughts on “CUNY Professor Tweets: Being White and Having a Family is White Supremacy

  1. I just don’t get how this person gets to a position in life where anybody would actually pay her to teach anything. Beyond laughable, but when everything you see is filtered by race, hate, guilt, and insecurity, you are bound to lack perspective or any sense of responsibility.

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