Steve Forbes: RINOs in Senate ‘betraying’ Trump over tax cut plan

(National SentinelTaxes Reformed: Economist Steve Forbes, founder of the noted financial publication bearing his name, criticized the Republican tax play during an interview with Fox News on Friday, calling it a “betrayal” of President Donald J. Trump.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told Fox Business host Trish Regan that despite differences in tax reform bills in the House and Senate, everyone was “on the same page” and that differences were, in fact, “minor.”

Forbes obviously did not believe that, and bashed the reform plan overall.

“You’ve got more complexity now, you’ve got huge differences…it really is a betrayal of President Trump. The Republicans should have had a simple tax cut if you weren’t gonna do a flat tax, instead of getting all of these things, they’ve got everyone upset, so they should go back to basics,” Forbes said.

The one-time GOP presidential contender went on to offer his…

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