Rasmussen: Only 28% of Americans think that climate scientists understand the causes of global climate change “very well.”

Scott Rasmussen’s Number of the Day for August 21stwas both interesting and eye-opening to me.  Check out these statistics!!

August 21, 2017: Twenty-eight percent (28%) of Americans think that climate scientists understand the causes of global climate change “very well.” A Pew Research study found that only 19% believe that the climate scientists have a very good understanding of the best ways to address the issue.[1]

The truth is that the average person has a certain level of skepticism when it comes to climate science due to previous false scares. In the 70’s they warned of a new ice age, and then in the 90’s shifted to global warming which later became global climate change in recent years.

He continues:

In general, the study found that Americans trust climate scientists more than politicians on the topic. Two-thirds (67%) believe scientists should play a major role in addressing policy issues on the matter. Most (56%) also believe that energy industry leaders (56%) and the general public (56%) should have a major say in such policy topics.

The Pew study, however, also found that people believe there are differences of opinion among the climate scientists. Only 27% believe that there is a consensus on the issue and that just about all climate scientists believe human behavior is mostly responsible for global climate change. Another 35% think more than half hold this view.

So Americans trust climate scientists more than politicians but on the other hand the majority doesn’t believe there is a real consensus among climatologists of the causes of global climate change.

The survey also explored the degree of trust and confidence in those researching climate science. Thirty-six percent (36%) believe that, most of the time, scientists’ research findings are motivated by a desire to advance their own careers. Only 32% say that they mostly rely on the best scientific evidence. Twenty-seven percent (27%) believe that political views of the scientists generally influence their work.

Liberal Democrats tend to express high levels of confidence in the climate scientists and their motives. Conservative Republicans are often quite skeptical. Most other Americans have mixed views.

That last figure should really be an eye opener to the globalists, the scientific-industrial complex, and the church of climate change.

Here is how the percentages break down:

Research findings influenced by… Percentage responding “most of the time”
Desire to advance their own career 36%
Best available scientific evidence 32%
Personal political leanings 27%
Desire to help the industries they work with or for 26%
Concern for best interests of the public 23%

Lets be honest about a few things, I think at this point enough people understand that globalists profit off of keeping us in the current energy production paradigm. Free energy technology exists and is being suppressed by global corporations to ensure that their profit margins continue. Trillions have been spent creating the current energy distribution infrastructure of the world.

Most Americans (55%) believe that new technology will probably solve most of the problems from climate change.


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