Troll Emperor Trump Dismantles Terrorist CNN With Tweets (LIBERALS IN FULL MELTDOWN MODE)

The most EPIC TRUMP TWEET EVER. Gave me a mega raging Freedom Boner.

Dude.. The extreme hypocrisy of the left is absolutely MIND BLOWING..

Liberals have the audacity to claim that somehow President Trump’s Tweets are going to get someone killed when DEMOCRATS HAVE BEEN CALLING FOR VIOLENT REVOLUTION FOR MONTHS NOW. 

CNN and other far left media outlets have been calling for the overthrow of President Trump, his murder, plotting lines of succession if he gets assassinated.

CNN has gone as far as to focus on how many scoops of ice cream he eats (yeah because that’s such riveting political news right?)

They attack his kids, his wife, his business and create false news stories and narratives claiming that members of the Administration are Russian agents (they had to retract the story and fire 3 employees)

Lets not forget that they had to fire Kathy Griffin over her disgusting photoshoot depicting herself holding the severed head of the President

CNN Producers and Van Jones got exposed by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas on video admitting that the whole “Russiagate” narrative was being used solely for ratings, Van Jones was quoted “It’s a big nothing burger.. there’s nothing there”

The fact is that CNN is in serious trouble right now due to their blatant dedication to lying about the Trump Administration.

That twat waffle Jim Acosta in D.C. isn’t doing them any favors either. That guy is like a hemorrhoid that needs immediate laser removal.

The fact is that while I am sure that CNN has seen a slight ratings boost the last few months as they spew globalist propaganda, it is going to spell the death of the network as the average American is sick and tired of the constant barrage of fake news and hatred coming from CNN. 

I am pretty sure that if I emailed CNN with a lead that President Trump likes to eat babies for breakfast while singing the Russian national anthem on the White House lawn naked, they would run with it and interview me via Skype.

CNN has been exposed as a fraud and needs to go the way of the dinosaur.

Here are some choice Tweets coming from the left.. AND THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO CALL TRUMP AND HIS SUPPORTERS UNHINGED!!

And now apparently Only White people voted for Trump.. Give me a fucking break.

Hate to break it to you snowflakes but, there will be no impeachment. Get ready for 8… EIGHT MORE YEARS OF TRUMP.

If you think that sounds crazy, here are some of the Tweets coming from Trump Supporters

Mark my words, the next few months are going to be very bad for CNN and MSM ratings. I can only hope that President Trump continues to hammer the fakeness of the media and continues to defend himself and his administration. Trump supporters and the majority of Americans are sick and tired of the constant negative press and the constant attacks, The jig is up.


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