China’s Trade With North Korea Raises Questions As U.S. Ambassador To China Prepares To Settle In

I’m guessing President Xi is keeping his word to President Trump that China would take a more hard-line stance with North Korea.

We all know that China hasn’t been buying Coal from North Korea, however Chinese customs are reporting that overall China is importing less goods from the hermit kingdom.

Chinese importation of North Korean goods fell 31% in May compared to the previous year.  ($123.75 Million)

March was even worse, North Korea saw a 51.7% drop in exports to China compared to the previous year. ($114.55 Million)

Chinese imports from North Korea have dropped almost 10% overall since January and will most likely continue to drop as long as Kim Jong-un defies calls for de-escalation with the United States and its Allies.

All these things sound great, however this is what I don’t understand, and I suspect may be a power play to try to influence North Korea.. Chinese exports to North Korea have risen 32% since May of last year. I’m guessing this is going to be used as leverage at some point.

I suspect that as the months go on, and President Trump’s Ambassador to China Terry Branstad settles in, we will see even more moves from China to clamp down on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

Apparently former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has known Chinese President Xi for a long time and the two men respect each other, Now that Branstad has been appointed Ambassador to China, we might see some real progress on the North Korean front.




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