PROOF! Loretta Lynch Killed Hillary Clinton Investigation

One of the biggest stories coming out of the latest James Comey testimony on capitol hill, aside from the complete collapse of the “Russiagate” narrative, is that Loretta Lynch purposely tried to undermine the Hillary Clinton email scandal probe!

James Comey confirmed on June 8th, that Loretta Lynch attempted to influence the probe into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private server to conduct State Department business.

The unsecured server housed thousands of emails that contained classified/secret and or privileged information. Many IT specialists have spoken out about the vulnerability of the system Hillary Clinton used and it’s almost non-existent security.

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch attempted to bury the investigation after meeting with former President Bill Clinton, a move which drew much criticism at the time. Later James Comey confronted Loretta Lynch about her interference.

Circa has an exclusive MASSIVE scoop from D.C.

Comey told lawmakers in the close door session that he raised his concern with the attorney general that she had created a conflict of interest by meeting with Clinton’s husband, the former President Bill Clinton, on an airport tarmac while the investigation was ongoing.

During the conversation, Comey told lawmakers he confronted Lynch with a highly sensitive piece of evidence, a communication between two political figures that suggested Lynch had agreed to put the kibosh on any prosecution of Clinton.

This is huge, I suspect that James Comey is attempting to protect his own name by blowing the lid on Loretta Lynch’s involvement. However, the question I have is, what was Barack Obama’s involvement in Loretta Lynch’s decision to kill the Clinton email investigation? I find it highly unlikely that she would move forward with such a task without the go ahead from former President Obama. If he did have knowledge of the decision, was it under his direct order? If not, who in the Obama Administration okay such a move?

The article goes on to state:

Comey said “the attorney general looked at the document then looked up with a steely silence that lasted for some time, then asked him if he had any other business with her and if not that he should leave her office,” said one source who was briefed.

If testimony like this is being given behind closed doors I think it is in the public interest that such information be brought to the public arena. The American people deserve to know the truth, that all evidence shows that the only election interference that went on in 2016 was perpetrated by the Obama Administration and the DNC, and that the whole “Russiagate” story is fake news. They also deserve to know if the Democratic Establishment tried to use Federal power to carry out this interference.

We need to demand that a real and thorough investigation be conducted into the DEMOCRATIC interference of the 2016 Election. Loretta Lynch a long with a few other members of the Obama Administration that were tied to the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Investigation, should all be investigated and made to testify in front of congress about their crimes.



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