James Comey Is Corrupt As F*CK

Former FBI Director James Comey is a filthy swamp goblin. One only needs to examine his background inside the government and his corporate relationships to come to the conclusion that, James Comey Is Corrupt As F*CK.

Lets take a trip down the memory hole!

James Comey sat on the board of HSBC Bank in 2013, during this time the bank was caught laundering money for terrorists and drug cartels. Then Attorney General Eric Holder went against his advisers and dismissed criminal charges against the company, however HSBC was forced to pay 1.9 Billion in fines.

The House report said Holder “misled” Congress about the justice department’s reasoning for declining to prosecute. It said the department had enough evidence to pursue criminal charges against HSBC and pointed out that the bank had already admitted to the US government that it broke money laundering rules.

The report said: “Rather than lacking adequate evidence to prove HSBC’s criminal conduct, internal treasury documents show that DoJ leadership declined to pursue [its legal team’s] recommendation to prosecute HSBC because senior DoJ leaders were concerned that prosecuting the bank ‘could result in a global financial disaster’– as the FSA repeatedly warned.” – The Guardian 

Less than six months later, President Obama nominated James Comey to be Director of the FBI. Nobody finds that just a little bit strange? It should have raised alarm bells with the administration that Comey had sat on the executive board of HSBC during a time they were breaking the law. James Comey knew what was going on at the company and never did anything to stop it. This alone should have disqualified James Comey as head of the FBI..

It should be noted that HSBC just so happens to be connected to the Clinton Foundation, and that James Comey was overseeing investigations into the Clinton Foundation while he was head of the FBI.. Does anybody else see the conflict of interest?

Lets not forget that while James Comey was Deputy Attorney General under Alberto Gonzalez, he persuaded Gonzalez not to file criminal charges against Deutsche Bank (KPMG) after it failed to report a 12 billion dollar loss in derivatives transactions while taking money from the Federal Reserve. KPMG did this to avoid getting bailed out by Germany. It should be noted that KPMG is also connected to the Clinton Foundation.. Imagine my shock.

Lets take a look at this article by Jerome Corsi from July 7, 2016!

In 2004, Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack.

On Tuesday, Comey announced that despite evidence of “extreme negligence by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through a private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department.

Mind you, this is the same email server that was being used when Hillary Clinton was Secretary Of State and was in regular communication with Sandy Berger, whom she shared classified and sensitive information with… Unbelievable

On April 1, 2005, Berger pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of intentionally removing documents from the National Archives and destroying some of them. He was fined $50,000, sentenced to 100 hours of community service and two years probation. Also, his national security license was stripped for two years.

Messages found stored on Clinton’s private email server show that Berger – a convicted thief of classified documents – had been advising Clinton while she served as secretary of state and had access to emails containing classified information.

For example, in an email dated Sept. 22, 2009, Berger advised Clinton advised how she could leverage information to make Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu more cooperative in discussions with the Obama administration over a settlement freeze.

You really can’t make this stuff up!

After Attorney General John Aschroft recused himself in the Valerie Plame affair in 2004, Comey appointed as special counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald, who ended up convicting “Scooter” Libby, a top aide to then Vice President Dick Cheney, of perjury and obstruction of justice. The charge was based on the accusations of Plame and her former ambassador husband, Joe Wilson – both partisan supporters of Bill and Hillary Clinton – that Libby outed her as a CIA agent.

New York Times reporter Judith Miller’s 2015 memoir strongly suggests Fitzgerald improperly manipulated testimony and withheld crucial evidence in obtaining a conviction against Libby in his 2007 trial.

Now lets put all this information into perspective. James Comey the same man who saw the conviction of Scooter Libby for “perjury and obstruction of justice”, gave Hillary Clinton a pass on mishandling classified information, obstructing an investigation, use of an illegal email server, and jepeordizing national security by using an unsecured server to conduct state department business!!!! Again, James Comey is corrupt as F*CK.

Now lets fast forward to James Comey testimony to congress. This is where some serious fireworks went off.

NYT debunked: Trump didn’t directly order end of Flynn investigation

This is a powerful 10 minutes right here, another MUST WATCH

Former FBI Director made sure Clintons were never prosecuted

James Comey admitted under oath that he was leaking information to the press!!!

He also confirmed that The New York Times is FAKE NEWS, and that they did not accurately report on the contents of the leaked Memo!

James Comey also confirmed that President Donald Trump did not order him to kill the investigation into General Flynn’s ties to Russia!!!

James Comey let us all know that Loretta Lynch did try to cover up the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private email server while Secretary of State!

The testimony proves that President Trump was never himself under investigation, there are so far no ties and no evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, President Trump never asked James Comey to drop the Flynn Investigation, Loretta Lynch tried to interfere in the Clinton Investigation, The New York Times prints FAKE NEWS, and James Comey in at least one instance has LEAKED INFORMATION TO THE PRESS!

I really think it’s about time Jeff Sessions prosecutes James Comey and Loretta Lynch. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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