CNN Source/NSA Leaker: Reality Winner’s Twitter Highlights 

Apparently Reality Winner, the NSA contractor that was leaking classified information to CNN in the hopes of crippling the Trump Administration has some interesting tweets.

We’ve learned that she’s a self hating white liberal woman

And she considers herself part of the “Resistance”

She really doesn’t like President Trump

Obama admin gave her a security clearance

And she clearly does not like Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Considers him a “confederate general”

Gotta love the Trump supporters reply to that one.

And apparently she’s tweeting at Anonymous too 


There needs to be an investigation into others holding security clearances issued by the Obama administration, a thorough social media check will most likely render more liberal hacks that need to be purged!

The Mainstream Media Is Globalist Cancer: A Look At MSM And The Left’s Hypocrisy and Bias

The Washington Post Is Running A Propaganda Campaign Against President Trump. Writers Tied To Hillary Clinton And Her Agents.


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