The Mainstream Media Is Globalist Cancer: A Look At MSM And The Left’s Hypocrisy and Bias

Thanks to the Kathy Griffin beheading President Trump scandal, we now have a poster child for the extreme bias and hypocrisy of the modern left. Leftists own and operate the media and entertainment and use it as a platform to denigrate anybody they do not agree with. Kathy Griffin will look to play the victim in all this, however it just shows how disconnected she is and the kind of atmosphere that is being promoted in liberal publications and companies like CNN. This will only intensify as the Russiagate lie narrative falls apart.

Here is a clip of Kathy Griffin tearing into Elisabeth Hasselbeck for merely asking then President Obama a simple policy question. She says “respect the office”.. Are you kidding me? 

This is a symptom of the larger problem, the mainstream media is owned and operated by leftist leaning globalists that are hell-bent on derailing Americans renaissance and will stop at nothing to prevent President Trump from accomplishing the mandate we sent him to Washington to accomplish. Here is a little breakdown of the situation. 

Buzzfeed as a publication is literally a leftist rag and they do nothing but promote George Soros initiatives, including the character assassination of President Trump and anybody involved with him. 

CNN and other publications making a huge deal out of then President Elect Trump going out to dinner with his family without alerting the globalist cancer mainstream press.

Lets not forget CNN obsessing over assassination attempts and lines of succession leading up to and after President Trumps inauguration! You can’t make this stuff up! 

CBS is also complicit, they too believe that “anything goes” as long as the vile disgusting rhetoric is aimed at President Trump.

Even the cuckolded fake conservative Glenn Beck got caught up in the “Assassinate Trump” hysteria of the Mainstream Media. Makes me glad his empire is collapsing. 

And the RINO (Republican In Name Only) establishment as been spewing the same filth, wouldn’t be surprised if they are also on the Soros payroll. 

The European press is also run by globalists, and they are also not strangers to calling for the assassination of President Trump. 

The general attitude in mainstream publications is that it’s totally okay to call for assassinating the President.


“Good news guys I’ve figured out how the Trump campaign ends”


Former Occupy activist dreams of Donald death


Times columnist and author India Knight has called for the assassination of U.S. President, Donald J. Trump


What the hell?


Sickening tweet underscores biased media

oh and lets not overlook this gem!

EXCLUSIVE: Florida man charged with threatening to kill President-elect Trump at his inauguration on Twitter was a close family friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton

Where was the media outrage and coverage of that story? It got more traction overseas than it did here in the U.S. Media.

NO JOKE: CNN Regularly Encourages the Assassination of President Trump

Companies like Facebook, YouTube, And Twitter, which are owned and operated by globalists, have absolutely no problem with calls to kill President Trump. 

This is a prevalent attitude inside the liberal establishment. It is totally cool in their book to undermine the President any which way they can. They are totally okay engaging in traitorous and seditious behavior and are making the divide among Americans even worse. They are adding to the tension felt inside the country right now as they push their propaganda out 24/7. The average uninformed person that still watches the Mainstream Media is completely unaware that they are victims of one of the largest Psyop (psychological operations) ever perpetrated by the mainstream media and their globalist overlords.

Unfortunately for America’s youth, even the education system is flooded with these leftist ideologues 

There are college professors out there openly calling for the murder of President Trump.. Imagine they had done this to Obama? 

Orange Coast college professor had no problem calling Trump Supporters terrorists either. The left has completely lost its mind. 

Lets not forget that the majority of the leadership of Antifa in Berkeley are actually professors!! 


I saw this coming shortly after the election, and it is only going to intensify as the Russiagate lie falls apart. The Mainstream Media has gone all in with the lie and they are being exposed as frauds and globalist shills. It is going to be up to us to hold them accountable because they aren’t going to police themselves. Here are some of the articles and videos I made over the past few months showcasing the ongoing psyop.

The Washington Post Is Running A Propaganda Campaign Against President Trump. Writers Tied To Hillary Clinton And Her Agents.

The Mainstream Media and The Democrats Go Into Complete Melt Down After Trump Fires Comey


Antifa, George Soros, And The Fight For Western Civilization


Hidden History, The Mainstream Media, And MASS BRAINWASHING

Orwellian Chronicle LIVE News Story Breakdowns

Mainstream Media ALL IN with Globalist Sabotage Of Trump

Massive Censorship Push To Silence Patriots

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