Trump Fires Comey: Sign Of Impending Swamp Drain?

I think a large majority of including myself are happy about President Trump giving FBI Director James Comey the boot. Most of us feel like this move has been long overdue. Here are the letters that James Comey received today.


I have to tell you, I thoroughly enjoy President Trump’s letters lol.

Here is the letter Attorney General Jeff Sessions wrote President Trump recommending that he fire James Comey.


And last but not least, the 3 page Memorandum written by the Deputy Attorney General Rod J Rosenstein.


This is some seriously heavy shit right here. The assessment by the Deputy Attorney General is spot on.

I only wish these other things were included in the letter…

For instance, The FBI asking Apple install “back doors” into its software so that the FBI could bypass locking passcodes on iPhones.

The FBI Data Mining scandal probably shouldn’t be overlooked either. FBI’s Data Mining Needs Scrutiny, Too

The FBI covered up that Eric Holder and Robert Mueller were using two private jets for personal and business travel that were designated to be used for counter terrorism operations.

The FBI interrogated Tamerlan Tsarnaev a year and a half before the Boston Marathon Bombing and let him go.

Is there a serious possibility that now the FBI will have someone at the helm that will help spear head the DOJ’s push to “Drain The Swamp”?

Could we still see a Hillary Clinton indictment?

I don’t want to make lame predictions but I have a feeling this will create the proper atmosphere within the DOJ and law enforcement for the prosecution of several high-profile politicians and political hacks that have been on a crime spree in D.C. for years. I really hope this is a signal that there are finally going to be some moves made against the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. Maybe we can urge the Administration to start investigating George Soros while they are at it! I also expect many more Pedogate indictments to be handed out.




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