A Message For Tucker Carlson From A Pissed Off Puerto Rican 

I don’t usually come on here to vent.. but today I will.
I watched an interview that Tucker Carlson had with the governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello. I usually enjoy Mr. Carlson’s interviews but his interview with Governor Rossello hit a sour note with me. To be specific, that Mr. Carlson referred to Puerto Rico as a Third World Country.

The term “Third World” arose during the Cold War to define countries that remained non-aligned with NATO. How does that term apply to Puerto Rico.. a US colonial territory?
When asking for the reason why Puerto Ricans wanted statehood, He wanted to know what Puerto Rico had to offer the US. Was Idaho’s contribution the potato..? Did Hawaii promise better pineapples.? Other than sand: what was Nevada’s big contribution..? How about Rhode Island.?
I am not saying anything bad about these states.. These states have contributed the same thing that Puerto Rico has contributed for a hundred years.


Shortly after the act of Congress granted us citizenship, close to 20,000 Puerto Ricans were drafted to the military during World War I. As a matter of fact, Puerto Rican soldiers have fought in every major U.S. military conflict during the past century.
Are there men and women, from any other 3rd world countries, (Libya, Afghanistan, Brazil, China) that have been drafted into the US military.?
Puerto Rican veterans are very proud of their past military performance; 65,000 Puerto Ricans served in the United States armed forces during the Second World War; 61,000 during the Korean War. More than 3,000 were wounded in Korea; 48,000 [fought] in the Vietnam War, out of which 342 died in action and 3,000 were wounded. Four were awarded the Medal of Honor.
I, along with many of my family members, have proudly served in the US military.. as far as I can trace; back to WWII.. but if I were living in Puerto Rico.. I wouldn’t even have the right to vote for the president who would send me to war. We have earned that right.
Mr. Carlson, you should take back your 3rd world references when commenting about Puerto Rico and it’s American citizens.
God bless America and God bless Puerto Rico.

Written by Robert Reyes


4 thoughts on “A Message For Tucker Carlson From A Pissed Off Puerto Rican 

  1. Mr. Reyes you are 100% right in your rebuttel. I also am a proud American/ Puerto Rican and I feel Puerto Ricans have made the same sacrifies as men and woman in the main land. Tucker Carlson is so miss informed. Puerto Ricans gave their Heart.

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