Important Headlines To Follow

Here we are back with this weeks collection of interesting and important headlines that the mainstream media will most likely either ignore or falsely report on! Check out these links!

OPERATION GOTHAM SHIELD: U.S. GOV’T TO “SIMULATE NUKE BLAST OVER MANHATTAN” AS ACTUAL WAR NEARS This is an important continuity of government exercise that we should all be watching closely. Chances are it will go off without a hitch but we should be wary of the deep state as they have been pushing the need for a civil emergency to trigger continuity of government protocols and remove President Trump from the presidency.

North Korean hackers have stolen 94 million dollars from 104 banks in 30 countries. They are hurting for funds as international sanctions strangle their economic resources. This is a testament to the fact that economic sanctions do in fact have an impact. Reclusive countries like North Korea are more likely to feel the effects of embargo’s and sanctions because they have far fewer trade partners in the region.

As the U.S. Deploys the highly sophisticated THAAD Missile Defense System in South Korea, President Trump is also pushing for more sanctions against North Korea and an increase attempt at diplomacy.

The Chinese newspaper “China’s Peoples Daily” published an Op-Ed piece stating that word is that U.S. – China relations are moving in the right direction. They are expressing optimism that our countries will be able to have stronger economic and diplomatic ties.






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