Lil Kim Is Still Playing With Fire

Hwang Kyo-ahn the current acting President of South Korea, has issued warnings that North Korea is preparing a military show of force on or around April 25. This coincides with the arrival of the American Armada to the region.

April 25 is also the 85th anniversary of the founding of the North Korean Army.

Kim Jong-un apparently doesn’t know when to quit.

It is certain that the North will continue its provocations with multiple missile tests planned but speculation on the ground is that the North plans on testing another nuclear weapon in the coming days.

A special airplane that sniffs the atmosphere for nuclear detonations has been dispatched to South Korea by the United States and is expected to patrol the airspace of the East Sea.

South Korean and American Airforce units are currently practicing air strikes on North Korean command and control facilities and are even practicing striking Kim Jon-un’s underground bunker as part of joint drills dubbed “Max Thunder”.

Precision strikes on North Korea’s missile bases and nuclear facilities are also being practiced.

These exercises have been ongoing since April 14.







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