Thanks Facebook! Now I Know Mexican Cartels Are Just As Bad As ISIS!

Anybody that has spent enough time looking through Facebook groups for “Savage” or “Dank Memes” has stumbled on to the darker side of Facebook at least once or twice.

You might have joined a “Dank Meme” group innocently looking for new “starter pack” memes or something fresh that your friends haven’t been circulating 2 years after their expiration dates…

And then you catch your first “Cartel Beheads Spy” video!

There is an entire subculture of “Extreme Savages” on Facebook that have a taste for videos that would make Josef Mengele blush. There is a plethora of videos of cartel executions and murder floating around many of these groups seemingly unnoticed by moderators or even Facebook themselves.

Do not make the mistake of crossing some of these “Extreme Savages” because they will fuck your whole day up. Trust me. They are unrelenting and ruthless. Ask Shia Labeouf what fucking with hardcore Trolls will get you.

With that being said, I want to get to the whole point of this article…

Mexican Cartels are just as ruthless and blood thirsty as ISIS. The cartel wars raging just beyond Texas’s border with Mexico have scenes equally brutal and equally evil. It is estimated that in 2012 the number of cartel related deaths was over 55,000 people.

Yes you read that right.. 55,000 people.

Now where else on Earth do you hear casualty numbers flying around like that? Ah that’s right Syria.

Mexican Drug Cartel members will routinely share video’s of their executions and murders on Facebook and Liveleak and other sites. They do this to send a message to rival Cartels whenever they manage to catch a rival cartels spy infiltrating the operation.

They first bind the victims, they are usually naked. The victims are typically on the ground being held at gun point and confessions are forced. They will then proceed to sever the hands and feet with a machete before beheading them… They dismember the victims while they are still alive..

Sometimes I wonder how many of those people weren’t even spies, just scared people who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

These videos are so graphic and horrific that I will not post or share any of these videos or stills on this website.

I will however share some interesting information related to cartel activity inside the U.S. that makes President Trump’s border wall sound really good.

We need that Wall, and we need it ASAP. These cartels are just as bad as ISIS.

Mexican drug cartels move deeper into United States to maximize profits-2013

Testimony • Drug Trafficking Violence in Mexico: Implications for the United States – 2010 FBI Website

Mexican drug cartels: ‘The most serious threat the US has faced from organized crime’ – 2013

Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Spreading To Rural U.S. As Police Crack Down In Big Cities – 2014

DEA Report Shows Infiltration of Mexican Drug Cartels in Major US Cities – 2015

Mexican Cartels Remain Unrivaled in US Drug Market – 2015

Mexico Cartels Dominate US Drug Market: DEA – 2015

DEA Says Mexico Cartels Battling to Corner US Heroin Market – 2016

Mexico President’s Account Suggests Cartel is a Megastructure – 2016

These cartel wars are raging in Northern Mexico and spilling in to the United States. It has to be stopped.

Violence in Veracruz as Cartels Adapt to New Political Dynamic – 2017

US Warns of CJNG Expansion from Mexico – 2017

Please share these links and videos with people the next time they call you racist for supporting Border Security.

Image Credit: Ted Eytan


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