Former Islamic Jihad Leader: Muslim Brotherhood Behind Egypt Church Bombings

On April 14 2017,  The Former Islamic Jihad leader Nabil Naim gave an interview in which he claims that the Muslim Brotherhood was pushing the radical Islamic publication “Daesh” to divert attention away from Muslim Brotherhood involvement in the Palm Sunday Church Bombings in Egypt.

Iraqi News Website published the interview in which Naim goes on to claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to obscure its ties to ISIS in Egypt, preferring to place blame on IS Youth Brigades.

Nabil Naim also says that the Muslim Brotherhood is directly tied to several active terror cells in Sinai, including cells in Jerusalem, the Hisham Barakat cell of the Eastern and Arab Circassian Brotherhood, and the Mujahideen Shura Council.

When asked what the CIA and Washington think about this, Naim said:

“I think the US intelligence wanted to keep the Muslim Brotherhood because they have customers and use the group in destabilizing countries in region and to obtain information on jihadist organizations fighting in Iraq, Syria and Libya”

Nabil Naim also goes on to say that, the Muslim Brotherhood has managed to infiltrate all branches of Egypt’s government.

All this begs one to question if it is smart to work so closely with the Muslim Brotherhood if they have direct ties to ISIS. How much reliable information can we obtain from them if they are working towards their own agenda?

The supreme goal of these groups is to create a global Islamic Caliphate; they will do anything and everything possible to push that agenda forward. 

When we as Americans take a hard look at our foreign policy measures inside the Middle East we should really start asking questions about who our supposed “allies” really are in the region and what their ideological entanglements are. 

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