Music For Studying And Research

If you are anything like me, you enjoy listening to music while you study or do research. I have compiled a list of interesting music to check out the next time you are sitting at your desk, or wherever you do the heavy thinking.

Tycho: Pretty chill music, calming, great for when you need to focus.

Bonobo: very similar artist to Tycho, very rich sounds but never overwhelming. I absolutely love to alternate between these two artists when I’m writing and working on blog posts.

The Enigma TNG: Absolutely love this stuff. Kinda like retro synth wave but darker.. In fact I think it actually falls into the category “Dark Synthwave”. Really gets my creative juices flowing, love this stuff.

Crosses: One of my all time favorites. Lead singer of the Deftones lends his voice to this project. Excellent vibes, reminds me of Depeche Mode.

This here is a little different.. This next clip is actually Rosicrucian Vowel Sounds performed and recorded inside the Great Pyramid at Giza. I like to listen to this some times when I need to center myself and I am feeling scatter brained. It is also really good to listen to right before you start working on a project.

Team Sleep: One of Chino Moreno’s side projects from 2005. Fantastic album.

Tech Noir Retro Synthwave Mix.. I love this stuff lol

Check this stuff out, let me know what you think in the comments! Feel free to share any video links to music you like to listen to while you are studying!

Image Credit: Sebastien Wiertz


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