Paid Soros Trolls Infiltrating Pro-Trump Groups And Spreading Disinfo

The Mainstream Media and the paid liberal trolls are attempting to divide Trump supporters and get them to turn away from President Trump. They want to alienate President Trump from his supporters so that he will turn to the Establishment and begin to do their will instead of the will of the American People.

This has been an active plan for quite some time, however the lefty trolling has intensified since President Trump launched 59 cruise missiles into Syria. Divide and conquer is the name of the game, and they are painting the missile strike as a signal that President Trump is looking for a wider war in Syria.

That is just not true, and President Trump himself has stated that the mission in Syria is to eliminate ISIS and not embarking in a neocon nation building fiasco.

The left has created a multitude of fake accounts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and are attempting to capitalize on the initial outrage of Trump supporters over the Syria strike.

They are infiltrating Pro-Trump groups and spreading false information. They are attempting to cause a fracture inside the movement so they can alienate President Trump from his base.

Liberal trolls will pose as disenchanted Trump supporters and proceed to attack loyal supporters and also target people who are on the fence.

I am a member of many of these Pro-Trump groups on Facebook and I have personally seen these trolls getting exposed by moderators and group admins.

Many groups have had to go secret or closed to try to limit the amount of infiltration.

All this is coinciding perfectly with the narrative being put out by the Mainstream Media that somehow President Trump is going back on the promises he made during the 2016 campaign.

These claims are also false, here is a list of President Trumps accomplishments in his first 50 days in office.

George Soros has been quietly spending a fortune paying professional trolls to create a divide among Trump supporters and is unlikely to give up any time soon.

I know that there were many Trump supporters that were honestly questioning the intent and reasoning behind the missile strike in Syria. Many were concerned that it could pull us in to another endless nation building war in Syria. Most of those people see now that it was a strategic show of force and that it needed to be done.

Trolls are using this to exploit the situation and divide Trump supporters and alienate them from President Trump. Be wary of hyper critical posts in Pro-Trump groups, keep an eye out for clear disinformation. Take a good look at the accounts that are sending you friend requests and actually look at what they share.

If you start to see David Brock style talking points being spewed by accounts in your favorite Trump groups on Facebook, chances are paid trolls have infiltrated. Be sure to report this accounts to the moderators and admins so they can take appropriate action.

Just in case you don’t believe me, check out the long history of paid Soros trolls on social media:

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Beware the Soros zombies

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