Headlines The MSM is Totally Missing. Part 1

Apparently its up to us to do the Mainstream Media’s job since they suck and only want to publish news that will make the average uninformed reader shit in their pants or completely confuse people. Here are some stories that will be interesting to watch as they develop.

Iran is directly involved in the Syrian conflict. Estimates are that they have 60,000 troops deployed inside Syria. Inside ‘the Glasshouse’: Iran ‘is running covert war in Syria costing BILLIONS from top secret spymaster HQ near Damascus airport’

North Korea is evacuating 600,000 people from its capital Pyongyang. North Korea readies for war? Kim Jong-un orders evacuation of Pyongyang

Republican Establishment Globalist Pawns are moving against President Trump’s border wall. Day of the Cowards: Ryan, McCain team up to strip Trump’s border wall funding request from spending bill

Kim Jong-un is making a lot of public appearances these days as tensions rise with the US. DPRK’s top leader makes frequent public appearances amid tension with U.S.

China is talking about creating nuclear powered air craft carriers like the US does. Third China-made aircraft carrier could be nuclear-powered: expert

US is stepping up sanctions against Iranian government and military personnel. U.S. sanctions Iranian military chief’s brother over prison abuses

Yet another story showcasing the rampant sexual abuse being covered up by the United Nations. U.S. urges punishment for peacekeepers tied to sex abuse as U.N. ends tainted Haiti mission

US expanding its Air Force presence in South Korea. Air Force confirms plan to base SAR at second airport

China will be selling rail cars to the LA Metro. CRRC signs $178m deal with LA Metro

China is pushing towards acquiring Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Baidu to buy US firm in AI push

China has warned North Korea that if they go forward with their 6th nuclear test China will cut their crude oil supply! ‘China could halt crude oil supply,’ says Chinese state media

North Korea is turning to Bitcoin for cash flow as American Sanctions are hitting their economy very hard.  N.Korea Extorts Bitcoins as Flow of Hard Currency Dries up

Philippines sign agreement with US to help crack down on child trafficking. RP, US boost fight vs child trafficking in new agreement

ISIS agents get caught in Philippines, will be deported. IS couple deported this week

French FM claims Assad is full of shit when it comes to chemical weapons.  Assad comments on chemical attack ‘100% lies’ — French minister

Fetullah Gulen will never give up trying to take over Turkey, that is a fact. Some 200 police officers being investigated in the north for Gulen ties

China is getting involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? CHINA URGES ESTABLISHMENT OF PALESTINIAN STATE

It would appear that Assad might be losing support from Russia? After Tillerson’s Russia Visit, Assad’s Days in Syria May Be Numbered

Image Credit: Moses Mehraban 

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