YouTube Exodus Imminent?

As major corporations pull their ads from the popular video sharing and hosting platform YouTube, millions of content creators are feeling the crunch as many have experienced a 90% drop in revenues.

YouTube has been busily demonetizing videos they deem “not advertiser friendly” in a rush to keep more advertisers from jumping ship.

There are thousands of channels uploading videos saying they will likely shut down if they can’t find a way to make up for lost revenue.

Believe it or not, at one point YouTube channels could be very lucrative and for many content creators it was their only source of income.

Stories from The Wallstreet Journal have been pushing advertising money away from YouTube and it’s content creators citing “racist” and “offensive” videos.

Here’s the problem, the majority of content on YouTube is completely benign and is not racist. Millions of innocent content creators are being punished for the actions of a very small group of people.

Originally YouTube had only been demonetizing political speech and opinions and the few racially extreme channels out there. Now it seems they are going after everyone and demonetizing anything they feel could be even remotely offensive. One of the channels I highlighted was Secureteam10. It is a very popular UFO investigation channel that stays out of the realm of offensive speech. Even they are feeling the burn.

Here’s a sampling of what I’m talking about:

It’s bad enough they went after politically charged content, but now they are censoring absolutely everybody for the smallest infractions. I understand this is a push to try to lure big money spending advertisers back to the platform, however this has gotten out of hand.

In my opinion, I believe that this extreme censorship and demonetization is going to drive content creators to other platforms. I am seeing tweets and Facebook posts by many prominent content creators claiming they are looking for new places to host their content that allow for ad revenue sharing.

The truth of the matter is that without the millions of content creators that use YouTube, there would be no content worth watching on the damn website! I do believe that extremists and racists shouldn’t be allowed to monetize their videos, however they are now attacking any and all speech they deem as “not advertiser friendly”. For years now YouTube has provided an alternative to millions of people who do not want to watch what the mainstream cable networks are pumping out. It has been a great resource for information that is overlooked by these companies and has been a haven for independent voices.

This push started over a year ago but just recently intensified.

YouTube is quite literally destroying their own business model and making it impossible for people to make sufficient income to be able to dedicate more time to creating quality content for their channels.

YouTube and Google will suffer the consequences as new platforms begin to offer monetization features for content creators. Content creators and viewers will be driven and are being driven to other platforms because of these Orwellian tactics.

I told everybody that this was going to intensify in my previous article,


I originally thought they were going to aim their censorship at political speech but it has become apparent that they are going after ALL CONTENT that they deem questionable.


YouTube “Demonetization” Sparks Creator Backlash – Will They Migrate to Other Platforms?

Image Credit: Andrew Perry




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