Avoid Data Collection And Censorship With These Tools And Websites

Tech Giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are collecting large caches of user surfing habits and meta data. This helps them tailor marketing campaigns towards their users, but is also extremely profitable when sold to 3rd party advertisers.

The truth is though, this information may not always be secure and hackers could potentially use this type of data to infiltrate personal computers and home and business IT networks.

If you are concerned about your privacy on the web, here are some simple tools you can use to help stop the collection of your metadata.

Secure Gmail Alternatives

  • SCRYPTmail: Easy to use free email service that is encrypted end-to-end as is based in the U.S.
  • ProtonMail: Offers free and paid email services, end-to-end encryption, based in Switzerland.
  • VFEmail: Secure encrypted Email Service since 2001


Google Search Alternatives

  • DuckDuckGo: privately search the web, “bang” feature lets you search thousands of websites at once for products privately.
  • StartPage: strips any identifying information from your searches through Google.


Secure and Private Web Browsers

  • Brave: The Brave browser automatically blocks ads and trackers, making it faster and safer than your current browser.
  • Vivaldi: Offers secure browsing.
  • Waterfox: Firefox based 64-bit browser with no data collection.


YouTube Alternatives

Now I am promoting these sites as YouTube Alternatives for viewers but for the sake of disclosure I am not sure how their monetize features rate for content producers.


FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit Alternatives

  • Gab.ai: This one happens to be one of my personal favorites. Largely crowd sourced and offers free and premium accounts. Zero censorship, its become a haven for free speech.
  • Diaspora: Still in its infancy, another crowd sourced alternative. This social media platform has tremendous potential. It borrows features from some of the larger social media companies and offers cross-platform connectivity with Facebook.
  • Minds: Fun platform, currently in beta stage but offering robust features already. Allows for content producers to monetize their personal feeds and makes earning and buying points for promotion very easy.
  • Voat.co: Seems almost identical to Reddit.
  • Seen.life: Here we have a Facebook competitor that is privacy conscious.


Remember folks, the tech giants only exist because we choose to use their platforms. The best and easiest way to show them that we will no longer consent to the loss of privacy and free speech is to find and use alternatives to their platforms. There are plenty of developers out there that want to return to the era of a truly free internet and its up to us, the consumers, to support them.

If you like these sites and tools, consider donating or buying premium accounts. Many of them do not host ads and rely solely on donations.


Image Credit: g4ll4is





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