China Is Bigger Threat to U.S. than Russia

Image Credit: Times Asi

The Chinese Threat IS REAL. Many mainstream media commentators and on air personalities would love to dispute this fact however those of us in the Alternative Media, and citizen journalists, have been following these developments for a long time and see the writing on the wall. China looks to replace the United States as the Worlds Leading Super Power at any cost. They are currently using CYBER WAR, Technological and Industrial Espionage, Censorship, Investment, Cultural Subversion, and Military Build Ups to position themselves as the leading Hegemonic World Super Power. The Mainstream Media however would like you to think that Americas biggest threat is RUSSIA…

YouTube and Google have tried to suppress this video several times, have limited traffic to it, and demonetized it. One of the main reasons I decided to leave YouTube and Google platforms was the overt censorship. Not only did they limit how many viewers saw ads, after a few days THEY COMPLETELY DEMONETIZED THE VIDEO. They limited the reach and made it hard to find in search. This video was averaging several hundred plays a day until YouTube gave it the shaft.

Will be hosting my videos on here soon. Stay tuned.




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