Twitter CEO Will Not Censor #KillTrump, Will Censor Trump Supporters!

  Twitter has become fertile ground for some of the most disgusting kind of political speech out there. People are openly calling for the assassination of President Donald Trump and Twitter has done absolutely nothing to censor any of these accounts. The moment a conservative voices an opinion that isn’t popular with Twitters management the person is banned or censored, If you are a liberal and call for the murder of the President then Twitter has no problem allowing you to spew your filth for the world to see. There is certainly a double standard as far as censorship goes on social media platforms but it may just be that Twitter is the WORST. Here’s a few GEMS I found just casually searching Twitter. 

How blatant can it be? Oh and notice how they are tweeting AT CNN because CNN is the network that is pushing the message that he should be murdered. They are truly “Very Fake News” and are criminals that deserve to be excluded from the press core for not denouncing things like this. They helped stir people up into this insanity.


Gotta love the profile on this feminazi trash. This is what we are literally contending with.. Oh, check out that pinned tweet.. unbelievable. I don’t see Twitter censoring this filth.


Here we have another winner, I don’t see Twitter censoring this profile at all either. God forbid you post about #PizzaGate though. 


 It’s not like these are very old tweets they are recent and Twitter is doing nothing about this.


Here we have another dumbass. 6 other dumbasses have retweeted this garbage (and the 11 that liked it are too chicken shit to retweet).

It doesn’t end folks, these people are literally brainwashed filth.



Can’t forget this guy named Osama, Not sure this guy even knows what planet he is on.


You see the pattern here? Young libiots with zero life skills that are really victims of the globalist propaganda machine. It’s kind of sad. At the same time, I wish the wrath of the secret service would fall upon them. 

Keep in mind all I did was go into Twitter search and type in #killtrump and started seeing hundreds and thousands of Tweets from dumbasses like these. Not a single thing is being done by Twitter to censor this madness, meanwhile, they spend every moment they can censoring conservatives and Pro-Trump accounts for even mentioning PizzaGate or being critical of Hillary and Obama. They also love to Protect PEDO PODESTA.


Yeah… This guy is calling for GOD to kill President Trump… Unbelievable. This is the crap I had to deal with for 10 months in the lead up to the election, Battling filth like this. 


Here is the retarded tramp again


Here is a ghetto piece of trash using her superior dialect to call for the murder of our President. 


Wow.. just wow…


This one.. This guy really trying to get retweets by saying he’ll kill Trump himself if he gets 100 thousand retweets. Sad, Just Sad. 

 Now you might be asking yourself “Dude, why did you bother giving any publicity to these losers posting this shit” and my reply to you would be, If we do not expose the double standard for censorship online and we do not expose the result of countless hours of MSM manipulation on these people then nothing is going to change. We are living in a time where our country is probably more divided than it has been over the last 30 years and people like George Soros and his billionaire globalist buddies and the Mainstream Media are directly to blame for this. Hollywood loves to push filth and then claim they are for tolerance, however, all they do is push more division among the people. This has all gotten so far out of hand that I really think most of us need to start thinking of ways of creating our own platforms and our own content to counter this threat because the Globalist onslaught is only intensifying. The Globalists have been dumping hundreds of billions of dollars into the United States to not only stop President Donald Trump but to also cause a civil war in this country so they can collapse it and control it. Help me fight this lunacy!! Please like and share this article and help spread some awareness to what is going on. 


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