Opinion: President Trump is the “Real Deal”


President Donald J. Trump has been in the crosshairs of the Globalist cabal since at least 2004 as the latest “Operation Dragnet” Database Index Leaks have shown. Both the Bush and Obama administrations spent a considerable amount of resources gathering and collecting Intelligence on President Trump.

This raises the question of “Why have they been targeting him for so long?”

Longtime friend and associate Roger Stone Jr. extensively covered the numerous times President Trump had thought about running for the office of President in his tell-all behind the scenes book, “The Making Of The President 2016”. 

This put him on the radar with the Globalist cabal, considering that he was a complete political outsider whom they could not co-opt or buy off. This triggered the Bush administration to begin gathering intelligence on President Trump.

They discovered the fact that President Trump is in fact “The Real Deal”, a true Patriotic American that wanted to return prosperity to the American People. This concerned the Globalists and their agents of the Deep State whom had already bred and groomed former President Barack Obama and had chosen Hillary Clinton to usher in a Corporate Technocratic Global Government.

The deals had already been made and agreements were drawn up to turn the United States into a failed state and push us into an E.U. styled “North American Union”, with Mexico and Canada.

The panic felt by the Globalists and their agents in our own government is what triggered the Obama Administration and their cronies to intensify their electronic surveillance of President Trump, his family, and his closest business associates. This also drove them to attempt to sabotage incoming President Trump by any means necessary.

This is the real reason why you saw the Globalist owned and operated Mainstream Media go all in with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential Election. This is why you saw such heated opposition by people like Jorge Ramos and Former Mexican President Vicente Fox.

Jorge Ramos and Vicente Fox were both advocates for the North American Free Trade Agreement and are also active agents of the Globalists. Both of these men spent considerable time helping pitch the idea of creating a “North American Union” which former President George W. Bush had already set in motion.

In hindsight, we see that the real architect behind that deal was none other than former Vice President Dick Cheney, who still wields considerable power inside the RINO (Republican In Name Only) Republican Establishment. Dick Cheney is one of the people quietly organizing opposition to President Trump’s agenda inside the Republican Establishment.

George Soros has spent much of his life helping further the Globalist Corporate Technocratic Global Government model and has invested billions into creating this system. He is one of President Trumps most hard-line enemies and in my personal opinion should be jailed for funding the Left Wing violence we are seeing out on the streets. He has a long history of destabilizing countries for personal profit and to create the proper geopolitical conditions to advocate for a One World Order.

It was Patriotic members of the Military, Intelligence, and Government that sought out and asked Donald J. Trump to run for President because they needed someone that was actually going to set the country back on the right foot and help us throw off this Globalist Monster that has been quietly attempting to put a stranglehold on the world. If America falls so does the rest of the world and they knew that this was our last chance to stop this take over before it was too late.

Right now is the time that our legally and lawfully elected President Donald Trump needs us most! There is a plan in place by the Globalists and their agents inside our government to overthrow President Trump and we need to do everything possible to both prevent it and expose it for the whole world to see.

Just because we won the election does not mean that we can sit idly by while the Globalists literally pour all of their resources into defeating the man we elected to carry out the agenda that WE voted for. President Trump will defeat the Globalist Cabal if we actively help him any way we can. This is when we activate. Go out to rallies! Get involved in local politics! Get as many people as you know to realize what is going on right now. Take the time to write your congressmen and senators and let them know exactly how the voters feel. We need to raise our voices everywhere we can and personally get involved in this fight.

The future of the country and the world is literally counting on us, and what we do here now today.

If President Trump fails, all will be lost.

Here are some links, both from the Globalist Mainstream Media and other sources that kind of put some of what I’ve said into perspective. I do not look to craft a narrative based on assumptions but instead on real information out there in the real world.

Brexit and the long, wistful dream of a ‘North American Union’

Mexico, Canada partnership underway
with no authorization from Congress

Obama Presses “North American Union” With Mexico, Canada

Building a North American Community – Council On Foreign Relations 2005

Bilderberg power masters meet in the US -RT 2012


Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington – The New York Times OpEd 1-20-2017

Hacked Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter – Breitbart August 2016

Soros-Funded Group Gave $50K to Radical Group Antifa Who Provoked Berkeley Riot – Truthfeed Feb 2017

United States and Mexico Finally Resolve Cross-Border Trucking Issue – CFR January 2016

Shortcut to U.S. Economic Competitiveness: A Seamless North American Market -CFR March 2013

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – CFR

World Order 2.0
The Case for Sovereign Obligation – CFR February 2017



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